Spend And Save Money On Golf Gear With These Frugal Tips

Spend And Save Money On Golf Gear With These Frugal Tips

If golf is a sport that you are interested in playing, then you are going to need to save some money. The equipment that you need to play golf isn’t cheap, some items can cost thousands. In addition to saving money, there are some very effective ways of securing golf equipment, such as shopping during the sale season, using promotional discounts, and buying items second-hand. This post will cover all of this and more, explaining some effective ways that you can find the money to pay for golf equipment:

Selective Purchasing

If you want to get golf equipment but are on a budget, then a good way of still ensuring that you get everything that you need is through careful, selective purchasing. Make sure that you extensively research all of the golfing accessories and individual pieces of equipment that you need, so that you can get everything.

If you don’t do this, then you will end up buying unnecessary items, that are just a waste of money. The best way to learn about necessary items is by reading independent online guides and getting advice from golfers.

Credit Card

Another option that you have is to take out a credit card, and then buy golf equipment with that. In order to qualify for a credit card, you will need to have a good credit rating. If you do not have one, then there’s little to no chance that any credit company will approve you. The best way to build your credit score is to take out a credit building card and make sure that you repay all of your bills and any debts on time.

Installment Plans

A form of credit that you will need good credit for, but that isn’t as much of a commitment as a credit card is, is a financial installment plan. You can order golfing equipment and then pay for it monthly or weekly.

If you are going to get an installment plan, then you might want to consider taking one out with a service like Klarna, that allows you to break down the cost of an item into three monthly installments. There are some disadvantages to using these services, but they only perform a soft credit check, so if your score’s low you can still access them.

Borrowing Money

Another option that you have is to borrow money from your family or friends. If you are going to borrow money from your loved ones, then you need to make sure that they are able to lend it to you and that they aren’t in a bad financial situation.

When we ask our loved ones to lend us money, they more often than not say yes, even if they can’t actually afford to give us money. If you do borrow from loved ones, then you also need to ensure that you repay them on time and don’t delay returning their money to them.


Budgeting is essential if you plan on saving money. If you use an online banking application, then you will likely be able to view your monthly spending there. Being able to view your usual spending gives you the opportunity to identify areas that you can save money on and reduce your spending.

Something else that you might want to consider is arranging minimum repayments for any of your debts or bills, so you can free up the amount of money that you have available for buying golfing equipment.

Sale Season

If you want to save money, then it’s a good idea to shop during the sale season. Most golfing stores have sales at least once or twice a year. In addition to buying golf equipment from dedicated golfing stores, it’s also a good idea to check out larger, sports equipment outlets. Sports outlets nearly always stock golf equipment, and some have great sales.

You can find out information about an outlet’s sales by subscribing to their newsletter. The same is also true for golf stores. If you subscribe to a store’s outlet, you may also be able to get promotional codes.

Promotional Codes

Promotional codes are an extremely effective way of saving money on golf equipment. Most stores offer 5-10% off promotional codes when you sign up for their newsletters. Another way of getting promotional discounts is by emailing the store and asking for them directly. Asking for promotional codes directly is a very effective way of getting them.

You can also use coupon comparison sites. Remember, most stores will allow you to use more than one promotional code at once, which gives you an opportunity to significantly increase the amount of savings that you make. Some stores won’t let you use coupons on sale items, though.

Second-hand Items

If you have access to e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon, then you might be able to buy people’s golfing equipment second-hand. If you are new to golf, then buying somebody else’s used equipment is an extremely effective way of getting golfing gear for a low price.

Some people will sell equipment that has hardly been used for less than half of the item’s recommended retail price, so it’s fair to say that second-hand items can help you to make some massive savings. If you are buying second-hand items, then make sure that you thoroughly clean them before use.

Selling Belongings

Another thing that you might want to consider doing is selling some of your belongings so that you can fund new golf equipment. If you have any other hobbies that you don’t want to do anymore, then you can sell the equipment that you purchased for them, and then use that money to invest in golfing equipment.

When you are selling your belongings, make sure that you thoroughly clean them and that you don’t exaggerate their condition to make sales. Misleading customers about the condition of your belongings can result in them getting awarded refunds on some e-commerce sites.

Golf is a lot of fun, but you can’t play it for free. If you want to take up the sport but don’t have the money spare to buy golf equipment, then you have a few options; this post has covered the most effective of these options. Make sure that you also consider the cost of joining a golf club, because that can be very expensive.


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