Amazing Ways To Make Money From Knitting

Make money from knitting

Knitting is considered as a favorite activity and hobby among both men and women. It will not only keep your hands young and healthy, but it will also maintain high productivity when you’ve opted to cozy behind the sofa for the last four hours before nighttime.

Aside from the health benefits, knitting may be a highly lucrative habit that can earn you a lot of money each year. It can also be a good pastime if you are just staying at home especially during this pandemic.

If you enjoy knitting but aren’t sure how to put your crafts to good use, we recommend going through the followings. We’ve included several ways on how to make money from knitting.

Decide What You Want To Make

The first stage is to generate a knit design. Choose anything that you believe would be helpful, beautiful, and would teach someone a new skill, or something you could produce for yourself or someone you know. Keep in mind the designs that your target customer wants. Give your sample knit as a present for a friend or family member and listen to their feedback.

Consider Describing It To Yourself

You are the expert in your craft, but that does not imply that everyone else will recognize it at first glance. When considering what design to deliver, consider what you would like to hear from your customer. Is this piece of information relevant to generating a positive impression about selecting the right design? When you put yourself in the shoes of the buyer, it would be less difficult to decide what to offer.

Knit A Demonstration Item

When you have an idea, the next step is to put it into action. Take detailed notes about everything you do as you go, so you don’t forget any steps or important information. Consider what you’d find in a standard knitting pattern. This is the most difficult aspect of the procedure, so don’t worry! There are several resources available to assist you.

Several fantastic seminars about the most challenging aspects of the design process are available. You may also simply watch it on YouTube. Everything is available on the internet!

Make A Knitting Pattern

It’s time to create the pattern after you’ve figured out the first example and taken detailed notes of the procedure. Write down the exact directions for duplicating the knitted item, down to the smallest detail, in sequential order.

You’ll also need to add information like what size needle you used, how much and what sort of yarn you used, the gauge, and so on – basically, everything you’d find in a standard knitting design.

Edit Your Knitting Pattern

Once you’ve completed your first draft (and triple-checked it for faults!), get it reviewed by a technical knitting expert if there is one in your place. This skilled knitter will go through your instructions with a fine-toothed comb, looking for flaws.

They will not knit the design but will go over it line by line to ensure that everything makes sense and is in the correct location.

Test Your Knitting Pattern

It’s also a good idea to have a group of test knitters check through your design to make sure it’s bomb-proof. This step is optional, but it is prudent. Some do it to avoid the shame and lost effort of having to return later and alter a design that a large number of people purchased.

Test knitters might be found in your local network or online. Ravelry even has test knitter groups already established. Simply publish your pattern together with all of the information and requirements you’re looking for in test knitters. The majority of test knitters labor for minimal pay. Some will work for free in return for a copy of your design as well as another free pattern from your current (or future) collection.

Make A Listing For The Knitting Pattern For Sale

Include a PDF version of your knitting pattern on your favorite knitting websites. Ravelry and Craftsy are the most popular sites, although lesser sites like Koll a bora, Pattern fish, and Love Knitting are also useful. This is one way for you to get customers and earn money from your knitting patterns.

Create A Simple Website

As noted in the previous part, you must inform your target customer of what you have to offer. A solid website is the greatest method to do this. You can’t market yourself if you don’t have a destination for people to go to next. You may only include so much information in advertising; the remainder must be covered by the website.

For anyone new to the site, the website should be straightforward and intuitive to browse. Any information that the consumer need should be available in a maximum of three clicks. Anything more than that will be overwhelming and confusing, and visitors will quit your website in search of something new. Make sure to list the prices for the knitting services that you provide.

Make A Small Knit Kiosk In Your Garage

Aside from having your knit business online, you can also sell your finished knit patterns in your small kiosk at home. Involve your family in marketing and advertising your knits to your neighbors. It’s a good family bonding and at the same time, you are earning money with the effort of everyone in the family. Start small with great effort!

Display Your Knit Patterns And Designs In Existing Local Businesses

You can display your knits patterns and design in local stores in your place. You can directly sell it to them or display it in their store on a commission basis. Whatever agreement you decide with the local store the most important thing here to remember is it’s a good way of earning money from your knits.

Be A Partner Of Your Business Local Authorities

If you are confident enough with your knit designs and patterns you can partner with your local authorities that are supporting small businesses so that they can help you build and enhance your knitting business in your place.

Create Your Own Social Media Page

Social network sites are one of the most popular strategies to get your website recognized for absolutely anything. It’s quite tempting to have a social media profile where everyone can view some basic information about your knitting services and items. Almost every social media platform has embraced some type of short video that is intended to create a trend.

You can create a one-minute film on something intriguing in your business, and who knows, it may become viral. It is critical to understand how to captivate the attention of the audience during that little window of time. You will not catch up if you try to keep up with all of the humor and trends that younger generations utilize. You will just be mocked for attempting to be hip, thus it is best if you stay true to yourself.

Make sure to thoroughly consider your prices before selling your knits. Charging too much will result in a rapid loss of clients while charging too little would make it impossible to produce a profit. We recommend looking at some of the knitted goods for sale online to see how much they cost. We also recommend that you agree on pricing with your client before beginning the service.

Hopefully, all of your knitting time will now be put to good use. But, hey, knitting is a great hobby, isn’t it? Extra money is just icing on the cake.


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