How To Start A Luxury Picnic Business

Start A Luxury Picnic Business

Lavish and sumptuous meals laid down in an elegant setup with sparkling wine and expensive flowers – if this is the type of business you love doing, you must be into luxury picnic business. This is quite a trendy trade and coming up with unique ideas so you come out different and extraordinary might be a struggle. Nonetheless, you will need a number of non-negotiables as a startup.

These are the things you need to consider as the absence of any one of this might hamper the smooth business flow or might situate you in a difficult position. The most important things to have when starting a luxury picnic business are capital and passion for such a creative trade. And, here are what you will need to know the details on how to start a luxury picnic business properly.

Choose A Business Name And Register It

Coming up with any business name is no easy role at all. Some business owners would even hire a digital expert for a logo, a business name, and a brand to get them started. Relevant business names must be something that is likely to end up as a common household term moving forward.

For instance, you can work with anything around your first or last name. See to it yours is interesting enough yet not too difficult to pronounce or remember. Once you have it in mind, register it for legal purposes.

Ensure You Have Licenses And Permit To Operate

Starting a business which involves food means you need to have the necessary clearances. It can be sanitary permits, local or operational permits, and clearances to cover you in cases when someone, especially from the authority, would question the manner of your business or the way you are running it.

If you have it in your business documentation, you’re all set. Arrange it in a secured folder or hang it within your business office to be transparent and credible, without the need for anyone to ask about it.

Assign A Business Bank Account

If you mean serious business, assign a business bank account different from your personal savings. This way you can monitor your cash flow, your expenses, and after some time, your profit. After a year or more, you can tell whether or not your business has earned or you are losing.

This is when you can decide to improve or strategize for the better. When you have a mixed account, you will have a hard time tracking your progress and you might need to hire an accountant or auditor to sort your finances over time.

Create Packages And Services Offering

You must have had an idea already as to what comes in a package you would offer. Prices of wine, flowers, and food choices will matter a lot. You can work on your mix and matches according to what you think you target clientele would prefer. As the name suggests, this is a luxury picnic business, so money might not be an issue at all.

Most probably, the choices would now just depend on the preferred location, the wine, and the food or fruit inclusion. The more options the better. And if you can name each package interestingly, the better.

List Down Your Target Market

You must have an idea about who do you want to reach, considering your business type. The customers would be the most important goal as they will determine the success or failure of your business. Your target market must have a visibility of your offers either online or with a physical shop. If you can arrange for a Social Media Marketer to create a target market, it would be ideal.

Set Your Prices And Create Promos

Once you have decided how much you would charge per package, work on a promo or coupon gig so you can maximize and saturate your prospects with it. Basically, regardless if your clients are rich or super rich, a discount would really sound a good idea. Come up with how much you can give without the need to sacrifice your profit.

Be smart with your packages and always anticipate delivery charges when the location is quite far, and add-ons when you think the specifications, the client wants appear to be outside of your regular packages.

Purchase Initial Inventory

Launching your business means spending for the initial materials and supplies needed to kickoff. Technically, you are all spending when you start. You cannot expect profit when you haven’t started yet. This is the part where you stock up your pantry.

You ready the materials needed, and you purchase the stuff essential for your business eventually. Keep a record of your purchases as you might want to employ first-in first-out rule in your kitchen. This is to ensure nothing gets spoiled and you are following a system. Make it a habit and train your staff to do the same so you do not have a problem about wastage in the future.

Secure Service Vehicle

Picnics don’t happen in a single location. You will need to transport your picnic stuff. That means you will need a vehicle for use as a service. Hands-on business owner drives down to wherever the client would want them to setup. If you hire a driver, that will be additional expense for you, considering the salary and gas. However, if you have enough capital and the business is quite catering to more clients, hiring someone to do it in your behalf will also be a great help.

Team Up With Vendors And Suppliers

Since you will need to order inventory from suppliers every now and then, it would be best if you become a regular. This way, you can take advantage of bulk order discounts or loyalty slash offs available. Keep them close so you can contact them whenever you need them and make arrangements for regular ordering. Have an alternative supplier so you don’t end up lacking a few things when a supplier or two fail to provide your needs at any given period of time.


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