10 Easy Ways to Start a Face Painting Business

Start a Face Painting Business

Face painting is the art of painting any kind of design on a person’s face. It has been done by our ancestors because it was believed to protect them from their enemies. It was so effective that most tribes are using a certain design to scare off enemies.

Today, face painting is used not to scare away people but as a fashion statement and being done by talented people to showcase their talents.

To some, face painting is a hobby that they enjoy and an avenue for them to practice their painting skills. It is not easy to face paint because it requires specific talents and skills of painting that are molded for a longer period.

Although not everyone has the talent and the skill to face paint anyone can learn and acquire this talent. The good news is you can make face painting a business. If you have the skills and talents of face painting and you are ready to go to the next level in having a face painting business then this article is for you.

Maybe you are wondering what the easy ways are to start a face painting business. Let me shed some light on the knowledge that can help you start your face painting business.

1. Know Your Skillset

If you have the talent and skills to face paint that is your first requirement in starting a face paint business. If you already have evaluated yourself and know that you have the business skills, knowledge, and attitude to start a face painting business then congratulations you already have what it takes to start a face painting business.

Understand these two requirements if you are planning to start a face paint business.

2. Attend Business Training

If you have the talent and skills of face painting but do not have the business skills, knowledge, and attitude then that is not a problem anymore. You can attend business trainings conducted by local authorities in your place or look for online websites that offer business training services.

If it is online, then make sure to attend interactive and live training so that you can network with people that can help you start your face painting business.

3. Consider the Funding of Your Business

If you have a personal fund for your face paint business make sure it is enough to keep your business running. If you don’t have enough fund or doesn’t have any available fund, take a business loan from a bank.

There are always business loan services of banks for sure that can help you with that.

4. Start Your Business at Your Home

Face Painting

A physical store of your face paint business is a must so that your client knows where to go when they want to avail themselves of your services. Set up your business in one corner of your house or if you have a garage you can start there.

Make sure to have two tables, one for your office table and the other table is for your face paint activities and equipment, etc., and provide a little space where people can comfortably wait for their turn to be painted. Your store must be clean, organized, and conducive to face paint activities.

5. Create a Social Media Account

Because of the pandemic, people migrated online to kill boredom by staying at home. So, starting a social media account for your face paint business is important.

Create a Facebook page, an Instagram account for your face paint business, a LinkedIn account for your face paint business, and also create a Twitter account. Social media have a strong capability to get you a client. If you are not an avid fan of many social media platforms choose one that you are comfortable with.

6. Don’t Hire Other People, Hire a Family Member

You cannot run your face paint business alone; you will be needing help in managing your face paint business. Don’t hire your friends just connect with them, don’t hire a stranger it will be costly for you, hiring a family member will be an advantage to you and your face paint business.

7. Consider Registering Your Business

If you have a stable client then you can already register your business. However, if you don’t have any clients or if you are having difficulty finding clients don’t register your business yet.

But of course, this also depends on the level of strictness of your place, then you have to register your business when you start it but some places are not strict when it comes to new businesses.

8. Make Sure to Have a Variety of Popular Designs & Their Corresponding Rate

Face Painting Design

As a face painter, you know what are those popular designs that people love to be painted on their faces. Make a menu out of it with their specific details like what colors you will be using, equipment that you will be using, etc. with the corresponding rate. Remember to be always fair with your rates.

9. Establish an Easy Face Painting Procedure

Establishing standards on how you conduct your face painting work will let people know that you are providing quality face painting.

Make sure it is easy for your potential clients to understand the procedure. A short easy quality procedure will be one of your competitive advantages in the face painting industry.

10. Market and Advertise Your Face Painting Business

There are two easy ways to do this the traditional way of marketing and advertising like word of mouth, giving fliers and brochures to people, posting it in approved areas in your place, and the digital way by using your social media accounts and posting advertisements online, showcasing your portfolios online.

This can be photos or videos of you doing face painting to people, informing people of the advantages of having a face painting in social events and other related events both family and corporate events.

Starting a business is not that easy and this article is the easiest way for you to start a face paint business. This serves as a guide if you plan to start a face paint business or are already slowly starting your face paint business.

The easiest way in starting a business is by taking action in starting a business because without action it will be difficult for you to start your face paint business. Happy face painting!


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