How To Make Money with Legos – An Ultimate Guide

Make Money with Legos

Legos are the ultimate toys for kids. They enjoy playing, manipulating, and rearranging but Legos are not only for kids some adults love Lego toys as well. They mostly take pride in their unique Lego creations and collect them.

There are many themes of Legos for collections such as Star Wars, Lego City, Ninjago, etc. This is the reason why kids and adults love this toy because of its adaptable characteristics that you can create almost anything from it.

Lego stimulates your imagination and creativity, as you can make anything from it. Your mind is the only limit in making some unique things with Lego. Aside from its aesthetic and creative advantages, it is a good toy for all ages because of its brain health benefits.

Legos are not just a toy or a source of hobby it can also be a source of money. If you are thinking of ways of how to make money from your Lego, you are in the right place because we will provide you with an ultimate guide on how you can earn from your Legos, and it most probably could be your own new business.

Who knows! Luck is always just around the corner you just have to work for it!

Here is an ultimate guide in making money with Legos.

1. Buy Popular Themes of Legos

The more popular the themes of the Lego the more people will buy it not only in your place but also in other places and other countries because there are many Lego collectors all around the globe. All you have to do is find them through the internet.

2. Make a Facebook Group of Lego Enthusiasts and Collectors

Gathering several Lego enthusiasts and collectors in your Facebook group is a good strategy. It may take time but if you want to earn money from Legos after gathering many Lego enthusiasts and collectors that is the time you can sell your Legos.

3. Display your Lego Collection at Social Events

Selling your Lego collection is one of the surest ways to earn money from it. Have a list of different events in your hometown and in the suburbs where you can display your Lego collections for sale or this event can invite you to showcase your Lego creations for entertainment purposes.

4. Make an Exhibit of your Lego Creations

Your Lego creations are art. It comes from your creative and imaginative brain therefore it must be displayed and shown to people especially if you have popular Lego themes created. An exhibit of your Lego creations can be done in your home, at your garage, or even in your yard.

Advertise and market your Lego exhibits at your place and on social media. Make sure to put a price on every display and put a donation box at the entrance of the exhibit. Congratulations you are starting to earn real money from your Legos.

5. Sell your Legos on Social Media and Other Websites

This is a common way of earning money from your Legos but it’s an effective way for you to earn money from it. You can sell your Legos on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram.

Just make sure that your Legos are complete, clean, and appealing to the eyes of the buyers. This way of earning money has always been effective, all you have to do is wait for the right customer to buy it.

6. Lego Background for Photos of Events

Lego Background

Events are usually a source of income to different suppliers, and you can let these events rent your Legos as backdrops for photos which is something unique.

You just need to have enough Legos and Lego designs to fit the event. And of course, the Lego designs should fit the theme of the event as well.

7. Make Lego Accessories

If you are meticulous enough to make Lego accessories like Lego necklaces, Lego rings, Lego bracelets, Lego anklets, etc., then you are one of those accessories sellers that will revolutionize this industry.

All you need is time and effort in making these accessories and make sure that those Lego accessories of yours are durable, with relevant design, and attractive to your target customer.

8. Lego Tiktok

If you are a Tiktok lover, you can make a Tiktok out of your Legos. You can have a Lego-inspired background while you are doing your favorite TikTok.

You can use Lego as accessories while you are doing Tiktok. The more follower you have, the more chance you have in selling your Lego items to them. Do your Tiktok with your Legos now!

9. Collect Legos

You should be a collector of Legos, buying some unique Lego themes, creating your own Lego structures, and collecting them over some time like 10 years and above then sell your collections to your fellow collectors or the next generation Lego Collectors and enthusiasts.

That way you are sure that you will be able to earn money from your Legos collector’s item. Clever right? Because you have to think of ways for you to make money out of your Legos.

10. Make Your Own Specific Lego Toy Brand for Giveaways

There is a lot of Lego toy makers out there that will set you apart in your brand and design. This will speak about who you are and what you are.

Giveaway Lego toys is a unique way of making money with your Lego it can be a giveaway for birthdays, weddings, company events, organization events, and parties. You will make a trademark out of this market. Just make sure you will have people working with you and enough Lego to cater to the needs of your future clients.

We have given you several ways and the ultimate guide in making money from your Legos. These are unique suggestions for you to do or perhaps something that will inspire you to make money out of your Lego toys whether you are young or old. The only limit when you are trying to think of ways how to make money from anything is you!

So be creative and be inspired by the things and people around you because great ideas are everywhere you just have to look for them!


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