15 Dirty Ways to Make Money

Dirty Ways to Make Money

Making money in today’s generation can mean a lot of things – clean or dirty. Literally, there are a number of ways you can get paid for a job or a service not typical among the majority.

No task is too small nor too big in an attempt to earn and no role is too dangerous nor too risky for someone who badly needs to make money. Here are some of them:

1. Remover

Those itchy pests living giddily in oily and dirty human hair is actually a source of living for a lice remover expert. Individually, louse gets picked up one by one until the head is cleared with those black parasites and dirty ticks hanging by the strands of hair.

Since this is a taxing job, the role can be a little difficult especially if it involves children where chemical-based pesticides can’t be used. The task can’t be over in just a day and it might require several visits. This can either be done on a regular basis or on-call. Nonetheless, a lice remover makes money out of it.

2. Sperm Donor

Men has an all-time advantage in making money out of this. And when you think this is an easy job, you can think again. Imagine having to produce an active sperm without having physical contact with another human being?

It normally takes a man hour to produce a good sperm which will then be saved in a sperm bank ready for any taker who likely is into artificial insemination or any woman who wants to become a parent without getting involved in the actual activity towards reproduction.

3. Sewer Plumber

The foul and nasty smell of sewer is normal among sewer plumbers who get called to fix a faulty sewerage or any leaking pipes anywhere. The gas which exudes days or months of painful odorous wastage is enough to get anyone to through up.

This may be a dirty source of money for others, but plumbing experts specialized in fixing broken sewers find this role normal and easy-peasy. As long as they get paid properly, who cares about the stench?

4. Laugh Therapist

A decent money-making stint can include being engaged in weird and dirty acting or role plays. This is what a laugh therapist is hired for. People who are extremely sad or anyone having a disorder of not enjoying a thing in life might hire a therapist to make them laugh.

You will wonder how much humans can do for the sake of making money. As long as there are those who needs the expertise of a laughter therapist, being extraordinarily sad can’t be a problem.

5. Exotic Food Taster

Regardless of the weirdness in taste or in odor of a food served, a funny way or making money by tasting food is legit. It actually does not matter whether or not the food looks dirty and beyond delicious, since the role gets paid, a food taster will do it.

The name or the look of the food will not matter. It can be a rodent, a toad, or anything unimaginable. When you are a taster, you go for it.

6. Poop Farmer

Dairy farms recycle cow’s poop, dry them, and convert it into anything useful like fuel or fertilizer. Farmers may have a lot in their hands and their second hand would likely have someone to take care of the poop. Since cows poop on a daily basis, they must live in a clean stable, which means the poop must be farmed or collected regularly.

The job pays and it is not illegal so you might be surprise to learn that actual job posts for this vacancy are posted in most agricultural spaces.

7. Animal Surgeon

While humans have doctors to attend to them when they give birth, animals are just the same. Veterinarians are exposed to animal waste and pee every time they are engaged in a birthing scenario.

4-legged pups and cubs when born comes out from the mother’s womb so full of snot, waterbags, and all things smelly and dirty. The good news? A veterinary job pays pretty well and indeed it can be huge dirty money.

8. Garbage Collector

All things unwanted thrown in garbage bags and trash bins can range from dead animals, soiled baby or adult diapers, and whoever knows what else. Garbage collection, including food waste collection, is an in-demand job as such waste must be collected on a regular basis.

Otherwise, it can stink badly. Still, households have dirty baggage that needs thrown. Mucky leftover foods and wormy kitchen stuff are definitely dirty but a garbage collector wouldn’t care. He or she gets paid to collect them.

9. Septic Tank Cleaner

Either your home’s septic tank has filled up or its stuck somewhere, and you are getting smelly vibes or you are actually seeing leaks.

When this happens, a septic tank cleaner can get their hands on the dirty work. They can basically clean if in your behalf, so you do not expose yourself in the dirty business of being down there below and sweep off your poop tank.

10. Pest Exterminator

Roaches, rodents, or flies are naturally dirty. When you get paid to exterminate them, you have to get them out in all ways possible, wherever they are. When you would rather have them killed first before you clean up, expect smell and very unnecessary situation.

Nonetheless, these pests live in homes and they must be rid as soon as possible. Dirty jobs like this requires expertise and there can be little competition. What matters, it’s paying.

11. Stool Examiner

For medical reasons, human excretions get examined. This is the first step in knowing what ails a person. When you poop, you even want to throw up looking at it right after. How about inspecting every fiber of it close up? That is what a gastroenterologist gets paid for.

To examine human stool for a physician to diagnose after. This may sound like a dirty money source, but this is basically legal, legit, and essential.

12. Automotive Technician

Grease and oil bathing an auto-diesel mechanic during an automotive fixing work is just plain dirty.

However, this is an important job as problems encountered in private cars and public transportations will not be resolved without them. All in a day’s work of a mechanic is just that – greasy and dirty. Beyond that, it’s a lucrative source of income.

13. Oil Rigger

Mining oil in rig fields require an oil rigger to do the dirty task of digging and pumping. At the end of every workday, the oil rig technician is soaked in both the much and the oil he has been battling with all day through. This is neither a weird nor an out-of-this-planet job as this is high-paying most of the time.

14. Embalmer

Cleaning up a dead human body and preparing it for wake viewing requires an embalmer to pull out everything inside the dead body. Intestines, organs, waste and everything. This is then left to dry after makeup is applied and proper clothes are worn.

Yes, this is a dirty role but it also pays really well.

15. Cow Milker

Dealing with cow teats from sunup to sundown pressing them so hard until all the natural milk comes out of it is no easy task. A cow milker does just that and on a regular basis, enough number of cows gets to have milk harvest. When the guy is lucky, he is soaked in piss and poo during the process.


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