A Business’s Guide To Office Building Maintenance

Office Building Maintenance

Owning or running a business entails a lot of responsibilities. As an entrepreneur or manager, you need to take care of a lot of things: your team members, your clientele, your business partners, and so on. Another thing you need to work on is maintaining your office building.

Your office building plays an important role in your company’s operations. It mainly houses your team players, and it hosts most, if not all, of your dealings. Keeping your office building in top condition is non-negotiable.

If you want to learn more about how to properly carry out office building maintenance, read the following guide below:

1. Keep Furniture Up-To-Date And Functional

Functional furniture is fundamental for office building maintenance. Make sure to carry out regular inspections of your company’s desks, chairs, and other furniture pieces.

Old, damaged, or broken furniture may cause your employees or customers discomfort and result in workflow disruptions. It may also show that your business doesn’t pay importance to proper maintenance – negatively affecting your business’ image.

To properly care for your office’s wooden furniture and fixtures, avail of joinery maintenance services and other similar solutions. These will help keep your furniture functional and in top condition at all times.

2. Formulate A Cleaning Plan And Get Everyone Involved

You’ll accomplish more with your regular cleaning and maintenance tasks when you have everybody on board to help you maintain your office building. With this in mind, it’s vital to establish a solid maintenance plan that includes everyone.

Typically, it includes a list of tasks to be completed monthly, daily, and weekly. Once you have a cleaning plan, make sure everybody follows it down to the tea and knows it by heart.

3. Disinfect Regularly

Germ buildup is an immediate concern for everybody working in your office building. If left unchecked, germs and other harmful microorganisms can cause sickness. To prevent that and improve how your team players work, regularly disinfect your office space.

Appliances such as microwaves, refrigerator doors, copiers, vending machines, staplers, and other office supplies are common areas where germs and the like spread quickly. Use disinfectant wipes to clean hard surfaces and others that everyone touches in your office.

For best results, you can use other disinfecting solutions too. Just be sure to use those formulated with eco-friendly ingredients to prevent the effects of harsh chemical usage.

4. Clean Up Roof And Gutters

Your gutters and roof protect your building from the constant harm of harsh weather elements. Yet when you have a leaky or clogged roof, your office building may suffer from several issues.

For example, roof damage may let the water seep into the building’s walls, affecting your building’s structural integrity.

When cleaning your building’s gutters and roof, watch out for water leaks or damage. Be sure to get your gutters cleaned annually, preferably twice a year, to keep them well-functioning.

5. Perform Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning (HVAC) Maintenance

It’s hard to imagine an office building without an HVAC system. Without any running HVAC, there are no optimal working conditions for your team members. To avoid such a circumstance, take care of your workplace’s HVAC system and ensure it’s in good condition.

You can maintain your HVAC system by checking all of its components. If all seems to be functional but you’re not satisfied with your visual check, hire professionals who can assess your HVAC systems thoroughly. This way, you’ll know whether or not your HVAC system is still efficient and requires immediate repairs.

6. Pay Attention To Your Elevator

Aside from your HVAC, you must maintain your elevator to avoid any inconvenience, especially during rush hours. Getting stuck in an elevator may negatively affect people with anxiety disorder, phobias, and the like. It can also be frustrating, mainly if you’re late for work.

Damaged elevators may also affect your business image. So, perform regular repairs and checks to prevent any inconvenience.

7. Assign A Dedicated Storage Area In Your Building

Insufficient storage is one of the hindrances to proper office building maintenance. And your office will look disarrayed if you don’t have a good storage area for files, supplies, and other equipment you’re not using.

As a solution, it’s best to make a storage area where you can keep cleaning items and others that may cause tripping hazards and pests.

If you have limited space for a storage area, hire layout and building experts to help you make the most of your office building space. Their experience and expertise can provide you with several options for your preferred storage area without compromising your current office setup.

8. Always Inspect Office Plumbing

Even high-end and quality plumbing work may cause water damage or leaks after several years of use. To lessen the possibility of plumbing problems in your office building and keep its value, check your showers, faucets, toilets, and pipes for leaks.

In addition, you must contact professional plumbers to look over your plumbing system regularly. This way, minor repairs can be addressed immediately, preventing significant damages over time that you’ll have to deal with.

9. Enforce Fire Safety Measures

Comprehensive office building maintenance isn’t complete without keeping fire safety measures in mind and actively practicing them.

Ensure your fire alarms are functional and every fire extinguisher is accessible. Your fire extinguisher units must not be expired.

In terms of electrical wiring, check for damaged cords and let expert electricians fix them. It’s crucial to keep your wires hidden to avoid tripping hazards as well.

If there are power outlets that heat up quickly, they can be a fire hazard. Call a licensed electrician to address the issue quickly.

10. Work With Cleaning Services Providers

Cleaning Services Providers

Maintaining orderliness and cleanliness in your office building in-house can be really tiresome. To free up your company’s resources of the burden of keeping your workspace clean and presentable every day, you can partner with different cleaning services companies to take on the daily tasks of cleaning and the like.

With this, you and your team can focus on more important business functions such as research development, financial management, and so on. You only have to set aside a small fee in exchange for being rid of daily office maintenance tasks.


Maintaining your office building properly is crucial and an indispensable part of running and owning a company. There are many benefits to proper office building maintenance you and your whole team can enjoy. Check out the points enumerated above to help you out.


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