10 Tips to Help You Get Seen More on Facebook

Get Seen More on Facebook

Looking to create a mark on Facebook? You’re right to think so. Over 90 million businesses are on Facebook. Why? Because most of their clients are Facebook oriented.

In the US alone, there are over 190 million Facebook users. Almost every business is looking to get seen more by clients on social media.

So, how do you become visible on Facebook? You can be seen more on Facebook by crafting a great page, relevant content, and creating a marketing strategy. Additionally, you can engage your clients by replaying tagged Facebook comments.

Join me as I discuss 10 tips to get you seen more on Facebook.

What Is “News Feed Optimization”?

News Feed Optimization (NFO) is a strategy where you get maximum visibility on your Facebook page without actually paying for it. Content that meets the Facebook algorithm can land on the News Feed and give you more views.

Facebook features a News Feed algorithm that uses over 100, 000 signals to decide what’s shown on the News Feed. The signals vary from time to time in the same way Google changes its rank algorithm.

You can compare NFO to SEO practices in Google. Facebook does want its users to see relevant and useful content. So, if your content meets their metrics, it can be displayed on the News Feed.

Understanding the metrics that Facebook uses will help you maximize the number of people that see your content.

10 Tips To Help You Get Seen More On Facebook

Develop A Smart Facebook Marketing Strategy

Any type of marketing needs a proper strategy. Even before you start anything, make sure you have a smart Facebook marketing strategy. Start by understanding your Facebook audience and setting up goals.

Go ahead and set your goals and address them as you start to market. One of the best strategies is creating unique content that touches on client pain points. Create a schedule to post the content and be consistent.

Craft A Great Page

Secondly, you’ll need to craft a great and shiny Facebook page. You need to stand out from your competitors. Stand out from the rest by creating a unique page.

You appear similar to what everyone else is doing. Give your page a business profile. People need to know and understand what you’re doing the moment they land on your page.

Make Your Facebook Page Easy To Find

You also need to make your page a lot easier to find. The first to be easily found is completing your page setup. Things to add include a cover photo, phone number, website, address, opening hours, and closing hours.

Go ahead and share the page with your customers. Have it on the website and contact details. You can also have the page manager app for easy activity check and update.

Post Relevant, High-Quality Content

Content is key and this is one area you need to consider. You need to post relevant, high-quality, and interesting content. People are not going to waste their time on boring content.

Make sure you curate funny, interesting, awesome, and engaging content. You need content that attracts and makes audiences want to spend more time on your page. What’s more the content needs to be educational and informative.

Tell Your Fans To See You In The News Feed First

You need to encourage your fans to see you in the News Feed first. Make sure you let your fans know how they can see you in the News Feed. Take time and create a post telling them how to get there.

This is an excellent way to make sure your audience never misses any posts. It ensures you remain relevant and fans are always updated on every post.

Be Seen On Your Page

Being visible on your Facebook page is everything. Most customers, fans, and audiences like it when you reply to their comments. Maintain a social presence on Facebook by engaging directly with your audience.

Are there any reviews about your page? What about comments? Go ahead and directly respond to any concerns raised. Replies must be public to show trust. Never attempt replying privately.

Additionally, make sure your Facebook page allows reviews. It is a great way to show transparency and gain trust among your customers. Even when reviews are positive, go ahead and thank them for taking time and leaving a review.

Reply To Your Tagged Mentions

You’ll be tagged severally on mentions on other pages. Make sure you take time and reply to any mentions. It’s a great way to gain more exposure and get more followers.

People can tag you when recommending you, complaining about something, or thanking you. Take time and reply to all mentions.

Cross-Promote Across Social Media

There is no problem promoting your page on other social media channels or Facebook pages. If you have a big audience on other pages, go ahead and promote your new page there.

Ask the audience to follow you on the new page. Tell them what you do and ask for their support.

The Right Facebook Audience Is Not Enough

You need to go beyond your Facebook audience. Gone are the days when your posts could only be seen by your followers. Facebook features a paid ad where you can promote yourself and be seen by people from across the world.

Mix Multiple Metrics

You need to gather your Facebook metrics and mix them with metrics from other marketing strategies. For example, Facebook offers an engagement of 3.6% on average. Compare such metrics with what you get from other marketing platforms.

You can then mix them up and come up with better strategies. Make sure you put into use the data you collect from your Facebook marketing and other platforms.

How Can I Increase My Visibility On Facebook?

You can increase your visibility on Facebook by posting great content, replying to tagged comments, and engaging your audiences directly.

How Can I Make My Page Famous?

You can make your page famous by posting the right content on a regular basis. Content should be scheduled and posted at the right time.

How Do I Make My Facebook Page Go Viral?

You can make your Facebook page viral by posting viral content. Get personal in your content and use viral photos. Second, make sure you ask your fans to share the content as much as they can.

The timing of the content is crucial. Make sure you post it when you’re sure of more views. You can also pay for ads to get more people to see your posts.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s it from me! Now you know what to do to get seen more on Facebook. You can increase visibility by posting interesting content, engaging your audiences, crafting smart pages, and telling your fans to see you on the News Feed first.


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