How to Make Money with Sports – 10 Amazing Ways

How to Make Money with Sports

Looking for a new way to earn some extra money as a sports fan? then you might want to consider a job or side hustle you can do with sports. Whether you’re a fan of a particular sport or you’re thinking of a new business opportunity in the industry, there are a lot of ideas you consider.

You can create your own blog, start your own small merchandise store, or even promote local sports events. However, if you’re still a little lost on what you should do, here are ten ways you can earn money with sports.

Sports Betting

Although it’s probably the riskiest venture you can do in sports, betting is easily one of the fastest ways you can earn money with sports. On top of that, betting on some of your favorite sports can be a lot of fun.

Depending on your personal situation and expertise about the sports you’re gambling on, gambling can be very lucrative. If you can find the right venue to place your bets, just make sure to remember that you should start with relatively small bets, especially if you have no prior experience with sports betting.

Sports Memorabilia

Are you fond of collecting certain items and collectibles? Perhaps you might be interested in selling sports collectibles and memorabilia. This would be the perfect side hustle for you if you’re already a big sports fan or sneakerhead.

If you can keep up with the hustle and effort to build your own network, you’ll be able to find and sell the right kind of items to collectors. Although it can be a bit difficult at times to find the hottest items on websites like eBay or Facebook, selling sports memorabilia can be an easy way to earn money with sports.

Sell Sports Merchandise And Equipment

If you want to consider a more traditional business, you can also sell sports merchandise in your city or town. You can sell a variety of items such as jerseys, athletic apparel, sports equipment, and hats.

However, if you plan to sell larger sporting goods like bikes or snowboards, you might want to have your own physical store. But regardless of the sports you’re interested on, there are a lot of business ideas you can think of when it comes to sports gear and merchandise.

Start Your Own Sports Blog

When it comes to most sports like basketball and football, many people are always in the lookout for the latest news and trends about their favorite players or teams. If you’re the type of person that loves to talk about certain games or issues in sports, you can start your own sports blog.

You’ll need to think of the right niche and sports that you want to write about. Apart from that, you’ll need to decide whether you want to use a free platform like Squarespace or have your own website.

Start Your Own YouTube Channel Or Podcast

If you want to pursue a more serious yet fun career in sports, you can also start your own YouTube Channel or Podcast. This would be a great opportunity if you have a lot of opinions or content ideas about a certain sport.

For instance, if you’re a huge fan of basketball, you can make videos about game highlights and other interesting things that you see during the current season. If you’re thinking about having your own podcast, you can also bring in some guests to make it more entertaining.

Become A Fitness Trainer

Some of the best fitness trainers can earn an hourly wage of more than $35. This is because the profession is an in-demand job, especially among athletes or professionals that have specific needs with their bodies.

As a fitness trainer, you should be able to help maintain your client’s fitness routine and needs. If you’re looking for a part-time job as an athlete student, you can also offer your own fitness programs as well as personal trainings to people.

Become A Sports Promoter

Sports events, whether they’re big or small, can also offer some kind of opportunity for you to earn some extra money. However, unlike other jobs in the sports industry, you don’t necessarily need a degree in order to work in most sports events.

If you’re willing to start as an entry-level worker, there are a lot of side jobs that you can do in sports events. The important thing that you need to remember is, you need to have enough connections to become a successful sports promoter.

Teach Your Local Community

Do you have a passion in teaching sports to your friends and family? If the answer is yes, then you might be interested at tutoring kids in your local community.

This would be a great idea If you’re a former athlete since you can use your experience to attract more clients. Moreover, if you have the necessary degree to qualify, you can also pursue a coaching job at a school or university near you.

Sport Photography

Another career you can consider in sports is sports photography. Sports photography is without a doubt a hard job to try out. However, it’s certainly possible to learn such a craft and earn some extra money out of it.

Obviously, you’ll need to know how to properly use the camera in sports events. Apart from that, you’ll need to have enough knowledge and research about the sports you’re tasked with. With the right amount of practice and work ethic, you can become a great sports photographer!

Rent Out Space Near Stadiums And Sports Events

If you have a relatively wide parking lot or driveway near a stadium, you can consider renting out the space for fans and other people. This is an easy way to earn some extra money and an efficient way to earn back from your real estate investments.

You can advertise your parking space on popular websites like Just Park and Neighbor. If you have some experience in selling food, you can also open up a food booth near sports events.


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