How to Increase your Snapchat Views with These 8 Easy Tips

How to Increase your Snapchat Views

Snapchat was created in July 2011, since then its impact on society has grown and grown. It was a hit from the second it was formed, gaining a lot of traction with the younger generation. Now the platform is utilised by celebrities, influencers and brands to better engage with their audience. Snapchat’s growth skyrocketed in the early 2010’s, but seemed to even out in recently years. Nevertheless, its influence still impacts a lot of different market segments everyday.

Getting substantial views on Snapchat is extremely valuable for you and your brand. The average user per day is around 186 million; they create around 3 billion snaps a day. To put this in perspective, this is a larger audience than Twitter. There are many growth hacks you can use to get more views on Snapchat, we have highlighted our top tips below.

Post Content Frequently

This may seem obvious, but a lot of people miss out on views by being less interactive on the platform. If you continue to snap your days, interesting content or exclusive information via Snapchat your views will definitely increase. Some users like to build a story line on the platform, encouraging more people to check their stories and keep up to date with them. Others post prices and content via the app to keep people engaged.

Use Takeovers and Shout outs

This is a great way to increase your audience’s interest and gain more views on Snapchat. By incorporating other peoples snaps, or hosting takeovers you can get a whole new demographic to become interested and engaged with your own platform. They will probably end up adding your Snapchat because of this and watching your content frequently too. This is a great way for those snappers that are just starting out and are looking to increase following organically. It is a great way to boost your following in a very natural way.

Have a Structured Approach to Posting

By creating storyboards, plans and structure to your posts on Snapchat, you will see an increase in views and interest to your personal snap. Some snappers choose to create storylines, using Snapchat as a place to give teasers to episodes or points of interest that can be viewed on other sites or right there on their snap at a later date. Brands use Snapchat for certain competiitons of to release exclusive information to parties, events or new products. If you spend some time structuring your approach to target your audience a better response will be experienced and you will gain a higher retention rate with your followers.

Connect your Snapchat to All Social Media

Like anything, when it is easy to get information more people tend to look into it. This can be said for social media connections too, if you are able to synergise all for your socials then your followers are more likely to follow all of your channels. This can be a great way to boost your following on Snapchat and in turn increase your views on the app.

Sharing your Snapchat Correctly

If you already have a big social media following then sharing your Snapchat should be very easy as you can utalise those avenues. If you are a brand or business, especially in its early stages, sharing your social media must be done in a tasteful way. To get a better response you should think about how you can best target your desired audience. Some brands do this via email newsletters, business cards, blogs or at events. These are some formal ways to better increase your following to more serious clientele, as opposed to the informal influencer methods of using less credible streams.

Follow your Followers

It is common practise that brands and public figures do not follow all their fans on social media in general. This is acceptable for very big, established brands, but if you are hoping to gain credibility and following on Snapchat, you may want to start following your followers. This was you can gain some real connections with your people and turn them into loyal customers. We are not suggesting that you follow everyone, but maybe the fans that are truly invested in your brand or constantly shout you our on social media.

Change your Profile Picture

This may seem a bit tedious, but it is a great way to catch peoples eye and create some attention. This will usually turn into them viewing your snaps and being interested in your content, even for a split second. By frequently changing your profile picture you can ensure that your views will continue to increase on Snapchat.

Do Your Research!

Whether you have 100 followers or a million, you need to keep on researching your clients and followers to be able to adhere to what they want to see. This is a timely activity, but a really good one to keep your followers and views up. By conducting some market research, opting for poll and feedback from your viewers you can build some real brand ties and increase your impact when posting. This can make the audience feel heard, which will keep them engaged and loyal to your Snapchat feed. It will also increase the amount of viewers overtime as you have continued to keep relevant and interesting.


Gaining more views on Snapchat can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. Like most things, if you are willing to put in the time, figure out your audience and scope out new and interesting opportunities you will see a great result. If you are lazy and expect things to happen naturally, then it will take much longer. Be proactive and try out some of these tips today to see how much of an impact you can get from your Snapchat views.

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