Best Twitter Tools to Increase Followers Instantly

Best Twitter Tools to Increase Followers Instantly

Twitter has become a highly regarded social media platform, with an estimated 353.1 million users as of January 2021, its reach and influence have continued to grow. Many celebrities and famous public figures use the site to inform their fans about current affairs and their opinions on hot topics, which ultimately increases their following. This too can be said for the general public, many Twitter users take to the site to share their own information and can increase their own following, becoming Twitter famous.

The best way to gain your following is to do so naturally, via debate and conversations online with other twitter users. Nevertheless, for those users that wish to gain followers quicker with less hassle and time spent developing their page they can do so through a variety of applications and tools. The best tools to do this are listed and reviewed below.


Tweepi is a platform that has been specifically made to increase and grow users’ audiences on Twitter. The platform utilises artificial intelligence to help its users get the best possible advance in following at the fastest rate. Tweepi provides tools that both businesses and the everyday person to help grow their following, by using artificial intelligences power the user can spend minimal time on the application and can still see a huge impact.

The application also helps the user focus on their strategic goals, which is great for businesses or influencers, they can focus on content ideas, brand strategy and co-creation with other twitter users. Over 1.5 million people use the application, it has received stellar reviews and has featured in many publications.

TweepiTweepi allows users to retweet important posts and look for individuals in their area to connect with, it also allows you to connect with users who share the same interests too. It can delete outdated trends or phrases from your posts and update them with relevant information. It keeps your twitter fresh and exciting at all times, thus influencing more followers and general interest around your twitter page.

To use Tweepi to its fullest you should sign up to the application, it charges a small fee starting at $10.75 a month, or $129 a year. A good investment for users or small businesses which are hoping to continually increase their following with relevant followers.

Setting up Tweepi

  1. First you should set up your account, this means adding your chosen hashtags and the users that are relevant to the topics which you are interested in and talk about on Twitter.
  2. Next you literally have to sit and let the artificial intelligence do the work, Tweepi will search Twitter for all of the best tweets and twitter users to engage with and follow.
  3. After a while you can expect your account to grow by up to 100 followers a day, these are all strictly relevant users only. You can always update your preferences and hashtags as you grow and develop new interests.


This is a self-service growth tool for twitter and other social media sites such as Instagram, their main aim is to “Attract and Engage Targeted Twitter Followers”. Owlead also use artificial intelligence to grow your following organically, giving business and sole users quality leads for their social media growth.

The platform categorises and filters prospect followers ultimately finding the most valuable accounts that truly match the target audience of the user. This application is designed to get ‘Real’ followers that will engage with your content easily, that is their main competitive advantage. These benefits both the twitter audience engaged and your own growth targets, be it personal or business related.

How does Owlead work?

Owlead works by allowing users to set certain audience filters, these include –

  • Keywords in any Twitter user’s biography on their main page.
  • Language settings, to help get a certain geographical location and to audience.
  • Gender settings,
  • Location settings, which can be altered as you travel or move around the world.

After this Owlead then follows, and where necessary unfollows, up to fifty different Twitter accounts every day without the user having to do anything. You can tap into other business competitors’ followers, or like-minded accounts to tap into their following and grow your own following. You can then track your daily growth and increase in audience following. The site will provide its users with analytics and specific insights which will then help you to understand your audience better.

Owlead offer its users a 10-day introductory trial, to help them get a feel for the application and see how good it works for them. The platform then starts its monthly fee at around $19 a month, varying in price as users increase their wants from Owlead with specific add-ons.


This platform allows you to create Twitter cards with ease, giving you the ability to entice more followers and engage them, when compared to tweets with only writing, this can be result up to 150% more retweets. This also gives the user the opportunity to fit more content in a post and meaning to your tweets with ease.

It is a known fact that those tweets with high-quality images can really make a huge difference when considering growing your following and engaging them. This makes Twitter cards quite an influential tool when aiming to increase your following and hoping to gain retweets or further engagement which can be traced back to you.

Three Key Features of TwitHelper

  1. It’s a free HTML5 design tool which can be used to create brilliant tweet posts and twitter header photos.
  2. TwitHelper users can customise their tweets with various background images of their choice and they have over 600 different fonts to choose from.
  3. Users can convert long text passages into an image, meaning they can send longer messages over twitter that if just sending a tweet.

How to Use TwitHelper                  

  • The first step of creating a TwitHelper twitter card is to find the perfect background photo or upload one of your own that fits the context of your tweet.
  • Insert your text over the picture, this can be a title of a blog, vlog or review that you have created, it could be a quote or a bigger chunk of text. You can use TwitHelpers various fonts to make it more appealing and increase social media engagement.
  • After spending your time editing your twitter card, now you should tweet your photo. First you should download the image you have created and share this directly through Twitter.

TwitHelper is a great application, but it needs the correct user to really reap the benefits, if your follower base depends on more of a visual dependency then this is the correct platform for you. However, if your audience do not rely on being visually stimulated this platform may be wasted on them.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter AnalyticsAs the official analytics tool of Twitter, Twitter Analytics is a great place to start your journey of discovering your audience, understanding them better and your previous failures and triumphs. This in turn will help improve audience engagement and boost followers. Whilst there are so many benefits of this platform the top-ranking ones are –

  1. The platform is easy to understand and access from all devices.
  2. The information that Twitter Analytics provides is accurate and helpful to the user.
  3. It has built-in tools which ultimately help you save time and improve efficiency indefinitely.
  4. Twitter Analytics have multiple sections which provide the user a complete overview of your account, your movements on Twitter and the effects of using the tool.

The platform is comprised of three categories; tweets, tweet impressions and profile visits, all of which can help the user to increase their engagement with their followers and overtime increase their followers. You can review your highlights for the month and review them internally to devise better social media strategies to attract and engage followers. Another great addition to the platform is its Top Follower section, this allows you to see your top follower and possibly reward them or shout them out on your site.

This platform is a great tool to review your twitter page and tweets on a monthly basis, it allows you to develop plans to continually improve upon these figures. It gives you a great overview of all of your activity and guide you on who to focus on and which tweets received the best feedback.


This platform has received brilliant reviews from its users, this is mainly due to its user-friendly interface and mobile application which allows users to access the platform from anywhere. The Crowdfire platform has become extremely important within small business owners and influencers looking to increase their reach and influence.

Crowdfire has been dubbed as the most affordable and useful social media management platform on the market, it links all of its user’s social media together and makes it easier to control them together. You can link up to ten social media accounts on this platform, utilising its management system.

The platform allows users to manage all their actions over Twitter, you can track mentions, comments and replies from other accounts. The Crowdfire team sends its users notifications to their inbox to remind them of these changes and then tracks them overtime so they can review their engagement.

Crowdfire’s Top Twitter Features

  • Tracks mentions, comments and replies.
  • Adding and managing different team members.
  • Giving users the opportunity to reply to messages and mentions via the mobile application.
  • Scheduling posts in large bulks.

At present Crowdfire is free for one account per social media platform, if you need to add any more accounts then their plans start at around $8 a month. There are various other premium plans which offer different specified features, these will come with a larger price tag.


HootsuiteAt present over ten million people use Hootsuite to help enhance their social media strategies which can improve their following on Twitter. This platform thrives on its impeccable engagement features, many users really rely on this to find out some brilliant statistics which will inevitably increase users Twitter following.

Hootsuite is currently one of the favourite platforms for social media specialists, this is mainly due to its vast range of engagement features –

  • Users can reply to messages and mentions through the Hootsuite dashboard with ease. This increases the ease of tracking engagement across various social media sites too.
  • Users can identify their target audience; it allows you to create share lists so you can really target your engagement.
  • It uses pre-written responses, which is great for customer service accounts or businesses, this allows for a quick response to those common questions. It means that the user does not have to waste any time or miss any queries they receive.

Three Key Features of Hootsuite                                

  1. Users can manage engagement workflows easily. This means you can tailor your offering to suite those which follow you and their likes.
  2. Tracking interaction history. All your previous interactions can be tracked, if you work with a large team this is very important because there can be some consistency with your messaging.
  3. The ability to search by location or language. This allows to better geo-graphically target your audience and offer support globally.

Hootsuite is a great engagement and growth platform that should be utilised by anyone that is hoping to increase their Twitter following.


When growing your followers on Twitter it is important to communicate with them, Buffer is a great platform to help you schedule and plan posts. This application is both a time saver and great tool for planning your feed, Buffer allows you to post on Twitter and other social media accounts simultaneously.

BufferWith Buffer you can plan your posts for 15 days at a time for up to 30 tweets at a time, this give a business or a user with a high following the ability to plan their weeks’ worth of Twitter content. Users can also increase the number of tweets they want to post to maximise the chance of increasing your new follower count.

Buffer is relatively cheap, starting at $15 a month and it includes 8 social media accounts tied to one person. This option gives the user the chance to schedule 100 posts, the pricing structure does rise the more posts or users that are active on the account.

Whilst this option is great for maximising content, thus giving users a chance to increase engagement, it does not necessarily build engagement levels or following. This tool is more of a planning-based tool, great for businesses and other influencer-based roles.


Twesocial is a wholesome growth tool used predominantly on Twitter to increase followers through campaigns, engagement and focusing on organic marketing. They use real people to handle users accounts, as opposed to artificial intelligence or algorithms, which is a massive bonus and gives them a lot of competitive advantage. There staff are considered experts in their fields, trained up in the latest marketing techniques, aiming to provide the best results.

They focus massively on safety, both on their user’s accounts and on the information that they are sharing, both with the company and their followers. As soon as you sign up to work with them you are given an account manager, they will work with you to develop and grow your Twitter account. They will provide you updates and keep you in the loop with any major developments on your marketing campaigns and post engagement. This authentic engagement is the major reason why so many social media experts really approve of Twesocial’s offerings.

Your goals are deeply discussed and plans to achieve them are made in a very transparent environment. The safety you will receive by moving away from bot-based marketing software will reduce Twitters concern with your page and the improvement of organic growth on your platform.

As this platform focuses on organic growth users will end up with real followers, ones that will actively engage and comment on the tweets that are posted and any other content users retweet. Twesocial is a great platform for any user looking to get more followers, however it does have its downsides mainly due to the pricing. You really do get what you pay for, but this may be a deterrence for many small businesses or individuals, it has ended up being targeted to bigger businesses with bigger budgets.


ManageFilter is a web-based application giving users useful insight into their twitter account, at present they have over four million users and have received some great feedback. The platform allows users to schedule, curate and engage on Twitter, it also offers integration with other social media sites.

ManageFilter does offer users a predominantly bot-based way of improving their Twitter presence, which is very risky. Nevertheless, users still choose to use their offerings as they offer such a wide range of features.

The Features of ManageFlitter

  1. Search
  2. Follow/Unfollow
  3. Power post Tweets
  4. Suggested Content
  5. Analytics
  6. Remote Account Management

There pricing structure offers a free subscription for one account with some limited growth features. Their pro-pricing structure offers a lot more features, but their pricing can range from $12 to $189, depending on the needs of the user.


This platform allows you to save a lot of time managing your social media marketing through an automated service. It is great for a small business or personal account which hopes to reduce the amount of time they are spending on social media but would like the same results. This allows more time to be freed up for more valuable work, especially within a small business.

This platform has some great features, each of which with aims to increase your following. Socialoomph allows its users to engage with their followers, whilst offering an automated system to influence more followers and growth on their accounts.

Key Features of Socialoomph     

  • The ability to schedule tweets (and other social media posts) with ease.
  • Tracking of keywords on Twitter.
  • Aiding with finding targeted Twitter users to follow, allowing for the mass following of users.

They offer a free version of Socialoomph which gives users its main Twitter features, however many of the specialist features are not included. They offer a free trail for those users which are unsure about the platform or would like to test it out. It is not a cheap solution, but it’s worth the price tag if it can save you some time.

What You Should Look For With Your Twitter Tools?

What You Should Look For With Your Twitter ToolsThe most influential traits to look for in different Twitter tools is how it will grow your account organically. It is a safer option to use a more reputable system, that uses less bot-based engagement influence due to the repercussions of doing so on any social media site now.

It is important to remember why you would like to grow your followers. If you are a business, or would like influence others on certain products, then you must consider what the point is for gaining followers is it to encourage buying behaviours or just to engage with your products. Making some real worthy followers will actually impact your sales, whereas some followers are bots or uninterested in your offerings making them quite pointless.

Now more than ever people tend to believe that the more followers a business or brand has on social media, the more well-known, reputable or reliable they are. This has become an easy way to gain following and then revenue.

The tools you choose must match your needs, a scheduling-based service might not be correct for a Twitter account with more time to plan and post. A green marketing-based site might not be the correct way to go for a Twitter user that just wants to increase followers, not engage them.


This review has summarised ten different tools for Twitter, each of which helpful to the user in their own way. The main thing to consider for anyone looking into using these tools to increase their following is if the site is right for them and what they hope to get from it. The user must be completely certain on what they want to use the tool for, then they will make the right decision.

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