10 Income Producing Activities To Boost Your Small Business

Income Producing Activities To Boost Your Small Business

For successful and consistent business growth, a small business needs to apply various income-generating tactics.

Such tactics should not cost you a lot, thereby end-up counting losses. On the contrary, your profits should increase.

Still, the activity you engage in should not take a ‘decade’ before generating income. Such tactics include email marketing, requesting referrals, over-delivering, and fostering collaborations. Still, get in touch with past clients, upsell current customers, and create packaged services.

Finally, don’t lock yourself; attend webinars as well as offline events. Let’s discuss the list of income producing activities and other tactics below.

Reach Out To Dormant, Old Clients

Dormant clients aren’t always unhappy clients! Some people just don’t like buying services from one seller. Such clients, if you offered credible services, are likely to come back. So, reach out to them.

A good way of getting the client’s contacts is by asking them to leave a review for you on your page. On the page, have a section for contact.

Allow every client to state their most preferred mode of communication. Some people don’t like calls from clients; they prefer emails. Use, therefore, their preferred channel of communication.

Fostering Collaborations

Fostering CollaborationsCollaborating with like-minded people helps your business grow. You learn how to do better in your business and get to know what services clients are in need of most. Additionally, you get exposed to new clients.

The best people to collaborate with are your competitors.

It is not always about who is doing business better than the other. Competitors can be a stepping stone to the next great level. This is mostly the case when you share challenges, successes, and business secrets.

Upselling Current Customers

Being in a business exposes you to many business opportunities that could be of help to your clients. With an affectionate relationship with your clients, you could suggest available, better opportunities for them.

Tell them why they need to consider that opportunity as well as the benefits they will get.

Due to the already existing friendship and trust in you, they are likely to take it.  They may not really need it now. But if they show some interest, mark your calendar; follow up with them after a while.

Create Packaged Services

What services can you offer? At how much? Most people may not be sure of what they can get from you. Have a service-package. In it, list all your services and pricing. Potential clients will clearly see what you can do for them.

Include also how you deliver the services. How will the world see your package? By creating a sale’s page with a strong call to action! Talk about the package whenever you have a consult call. Otherwise, when you attend a webinar and events.

Ask For Testimonials

Past, impressed clients are the best marketers you can ever have in your business. Where possible, of course, with the client’s consent, use the client’s real images. Real images make people believe that testimonials are true.

Alternatively, request the client to sign the testimonial. Place the testimonials in a strategic place where everyone who comes to your office can see. Besides, if you have a website, add them there.

Before you know it, there will be more clients seeking your services.

Over Deliver

Over delivering is an excellent way of selling yourself to current clients. Everyone would want to have the best in everything. Therefore, without making losses, deliver beyond what your clients expect. Without a trace of doubt, your clients will be happy.

They will tell others about your services and leave an excellent review even before you ask for one.

Every wowed client would definitely want to hear from you in the future. So, anytime you have a new service you think they would want to try, contact them.

Get Referrals

I can’t overemphasize this; referrals work wonders in legit businesses. I’ve seen people give a commission to past and present clients for every new referral they get.

Not only will clients get motivated to lead more people your way, but they will be happy doing so since it is not in vain.

Nonetheless, if you give a commission, don’t go too high lest you start paying out all your profits. So, do your math before you give a commission.

Attend Webinars And Offline Events

The world has changed. People, though their timeline is different across the world, can now hold meetings and events online. And, you don’t have to be the host. As long as current, past, and potential clients are there, you can always consider booking a seat.

During the introduction session, tell the team what you do and why you got interested in joining them. It is not a marketing session! So, avoid too much about what you do or who you are. If anyone loved what you do, they will ask you a question during the session or contact you later privately.

Consult Calls

Most business owners will avoid consult calls because of the amount of time each call can consume. Well, that is just one side of the coin. The reality though is; you can get clients from those calls. In addition, if you have a good number of followers, you could charge a certain amount per call. Like, say, $20 per hour.

This eliminates time wasters from the queue. Plus, each call doesn’t count as a loss; rather it is an income.

Cold Email

Sending cold emails to total strangers is not for the faint. Of course, you expect someone could trash your email without taking even a second to read it. Fortunately, if you use a good subject line, with a catchy call to action (CTA), you are likely to receive positive feedback. Do your research well, though.

Don’t just contact anyone. Look for the right contact depending on the services you offer. Plus, do consider what they do.

While at it, be sure to contact the person by their names. Is there a tactic you’ve not applied yet? Try these income producing activities and watch the business grow.


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