15 Proven Ways to Make Money with Photoshop

Ways to make money with photoshop

As the creative industry continues to blossom, the use of picture editing software such as photoshop has become a staple tool in many people’s lives. Using photoshop can be quite difficult for the masses, if you have managed to secure these skills to an expert level it is very easy to monopolise on this and create a steady flowing income. Even though there are many tutorials and ‘How to’ guides on this software the consensus for businesses and organisations that need to use it for a project or body of work is to call in the professionals.

Photoshop was first released in February 1990, since then its influence and impact has skyrocketed across all print-based platforms. The software has a variety of functions used to enhance pictures and totally re-create drawings and designs, matching exactly what the client wants. The software has played a vital role in almost all digital and creative based job roles. There is no end to the services that could be provided with the use of this tool, but we have itemised 15 top proven ways on how to make money with photoshop.

1. Join an online freelance marketplace

If you are a little bit hesitant to start-up your own company, then joining an online marketplace is a great place to help you gain some recognition and build-up your confidence. Most of these sites are free to sign up and require you to bid for proposals or works that have been uploaded by potential clients. This could give you an introduction to a business partner that you can use again and again, it also allows you to build up a portfolio of a variety of works in many possible markets to show your versatility. Notoriously these forums are used for graphic designers, specialising in web design, but in more recent times a vast range of photoshop based work is requested through these forums.

2. Photo Editing Services

Photo editing serviceThis option is the best way to start monopolising on your skillset with the least amount of hassle. With this business it would be helpful if you already had a small following or prospect customers that you could get in touch with, however, this service is in demand and if it is marketed correctly it could be extremely successful.

The main focus of this business would be to take the digital photographs from your clients and edit them to their specifications. There are many ways that you could be asked to edit these photos, it is really dependant on your own knowledge of the software and the customer’s needs so versatility is a must if you opt to go down this road.

3. Create Photoshop tutorials and courses

It is a given that once you have reached an expert level at any given skill you can start earning through teaching from your personal knowledge. This can come in the form of one-to-one tutorials, webinars and short courses, these are very favourable when considering the photoshop software.

Usually, anyone looking to better their knowledge in photoshop and its offerings would hope to have a hands-on experience, this could mean that you may want to offer physical lessons in a studio or online tutorials via existing course markets. With this option you will see a spike in profits as your market diversifies and expands over time

4. Selling Photoshop presets and LUTs

Selling your photo pre-sets or LUTs is proven to be a lucrative earning tool, once you have managed to master colour grading and have created and developed these pre-sets or LUTs you have created a new product which is yours to sell. A LUT stands for Look Up Table, this is a collection of numbers which are utilised as a colour grading tool that can be found within photoshop, and many other photo editing services.

Your pre-sets can be sold to photographers, artists or potentially could be sold to sites such as Facebook or Instagram so they can use these effects on their photos or their customers photos. This outlet has the potential to bring in a lot of revenue if your initial designs are interesting enough.

5. Create and Sell Web Templates

This new fad within the web designer market can be advantageous for photoshop designers, web templates can be sold through various sites and vendors. As everything is becoming digital, the need for fun, interactive webpages are at an all-time high. If you can use your photoshop skills to develop a few solid templates, then sell these on offering some edits or tweaks relevant to your customers needs, the revenue potential could be massive.

6. Logo Design

Logo DesignThis business idea could really see a strong trajectory for future brand recognition and growth of your business in potentially a short amount of time. Designing logos for businesses, movements and products is a very influential market to be a part of, especially now as everyone becomes more socially aware of their presence and its impact on recognition. By being able to adhere to each individual request you could reach such a wide audience, potentially that of larger businesses which have much bigger budgets.

7. Restoration Services

This service would require you to edit and mend old or damaged photographs using colour correction mainly, but you may also be required to remove any backgrounds or to add some artistic input and touches. This could be a great opportunity for a person with invested knowledge into history, giving them the opportunity to work in museums or with historians.

8. Create and Sell Planners and Journals

Creating planners and journals using photoshop would be a great way to easily generate profits. There are many niches and specific designs that could allow you to diversify your offerings by going down this road, either something you personally are interested in, or relevant to the customers wishes.

9. Create and Sell Stock Photos

If you have a vast library of images then this could be a brilliant cash cow for you, by turning your original photos into stock images you can sell. Although the standard for acceptance onto these forums are quite high, there is still a great opportunity to earn.

10. Design your own Fonts

This could be a great option for those artistic and innovative photoshop users. This could require setting up your own site or selling your work to bigger companies for a hefty sum. Either option could be a good starting place for those just getting into this world of work, helping them to build up a catalogue.

11. Sell your Art Designs

This option is great for those users of photoshop which focus on a different way of using the tool. This is great for a business or marketing minded person which could work closely with customers, helping to create design templates for CDs, Magazines, e-book covers and Vinyl covers.

12. Create and Sell T-Shirts

Developing interesting designs for T-Shirts could be a walk in the park for those more inventive and artsy photoshop users. Your business could benefit for having a dual approach, both creating your own designs and offering customers the chance to design their own.

13. Create and Sell Document Templates

People are constantly looking for an easier way of creating and completing documentation, both professional and in their personal life. Creating interesting document templates such as; CV’s, Email Templates, Magazine layouts etc. could be an interesting and useful body of work.

14. Create and Sell Graphics

As photoshop can be used to create so much, not just picture based items a good way to show this is through the creation of graphics. These are known as photoshop art and they are created by developing graphics such as; icons, wallpapers, shapes and stamps.

15. Start a Print on Demand Service

This business idea has been previously implied through the various outlets which can create and sell, a better idea to encompass all of these outlets and develop a print on demand service. This could range from cushions to clothing, offering customers the chance to customise anything.


The things you can do with Photoshop are endless, you just have to have the right mindset to unveil them, the same can be said for the business potentials which could come from this. Above are 15 possible initiatives but there are thousands more waiting to be discovered to earn money with photoshop.


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