Vehicle Wrap Pricing Guide – The Things You Don’t know

Vehicle Wrap Pricing Guide

If you find yourself sat looking at your pride and job car and thinking that it is a little plain or has seen better days, you may have thought about having it resprayed and then maybe thought better of it. Full vehicle resprays are extremely expensive, time consuming and the job may be finished only for you to realise that maybe you don’t like the colour you have chosen after all.

A vehicle wrap, also known as a vinyl wrap, is an amazing alternative to a respray and can be done much faster. This is ideal, especially if you are using the car for your daily commute. Here are the top tips and the things you don’t know about Vehicle Wrap Pricing Guide.

How Long Does It Take?

Traditional vehicle resprays are a laborious task that can take anywhere from 5 days to, well, as long as it takes. Resprays mean you have to rub down the entire vehicle from paint, fix any damage and rebuild the layers. With wraps you don’t need to do this at all, all you need is a clean car and you will drop it off in the morning and if the professional has been doing it along time, you could have it back as soon as the same day! As vinyl wraps don’t take anywhere near as long as traditional paint jobs, the cost of the labour is vastly reduced, you are paying for at most two days’ worth of work, whereas if you were to have a full respray, it could be weeks of high intensity labour.

Does It Last?

A vinyl wrap is not as durable as paint, but you have far more options in terms of colour and design. A vinyl wrap is an excellent choice over a paint job if you live in a warm, dry climate. If you live in a wetter area, you may find that you get between 3 and 5 years out of your vinyl wrap, whereas if your car doesn’t get wet very often it can be between 5 and 7 years. Vinyl is an excellent option of you want bright, bold and even sparkling colours, it doesn’t fade as quickly as paint, so the colours will stay brighter and bolder for longer. Because the colours last longer and the wrap itself is more durable, you won’t have to spend out for expensive items such as professional soap or wax to protect the wrap like you would paint, thus reducing costs further.

You Can Change Your Mind!

We’re all guilty of making rash decisions that go against our better judgement that we have then had to live with; the beauty of vinyl wraps is that you don’t have to live with it. If you chose a colour or design and then decide that actually it isn’t for you, it is easier to change than it is with a respray. There is no limit to how many times you can wrap a car as it is just a large sticker being placed over the vehicle exterior. This is unlike painting which can reduce the rigidity of the structure of the vehicle over time, especially if your car is older and needs structural work.

You Don’t Have To Wrap The Whole Car

Car Wrapping

When you are getting the car resprayed, it requires all of the paintwork to come off and for you to start again from scratch. With a vehicle wrap, you don’t have to do this at all. You can choose a design that covers some of the main areas, such as the bonnet, the tail gate and the doors and leave the original colour of the vehicle intact. A partial design on your car will update the look, but it won’t break the bank as it is neither a respray nor a full wrap.

You Can Use It To Advertise Your Business

If you are thinking of wrapping your car, the sky is the limit when it comes to selecting colours, designs and placement. The opportunities for you are infinite and endless. If you are self-employed why not take this opportunity to promote and advertise your business? Wrapping your car in your company’s logo or colours is no different than wrapping your car in a single colour. Make the most of the opportunity to promote yourself and if you get sick of seeing your business on your vehicle, it’s easy to get it removed and start over.

Vinyl Wraps Can Help Stop Rust and Corrosion

When your car gets wrapped, you are covering all the exposed metal in sheet of dense, durable and waterproof plastic and glue. There will be no areas where water can trickle into and rust your vehicle from the outside in, such as sills and door jams. It will make any corrosion more difficult to spot if you are looking for it, which is why you want to have your vehicle fully checked over by a mechanic before you wrap it to ensure that if or when you take the wrap off there will be no nasty surprises underneath.

Final Thoughts

A wrap is amazing option for someone who doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a total respray. A well done, professional respray can start at as much as $5000 and only increase from there, whereas a top end vehicle wrap will cost no more than this. Not only do they cost far less, they are also much quicker to get completed.

If you are only having some of your panels wrapped you may be able to have your car back in the same day and if you have gone for the full wrap option, it will take no more than a weekend. In contrast a respray can take as much as 3 months to get completed and is far more labour intensive. A wrap will outlast a lot of modern day paint, staying brighter and bolder for much longer and at a vastly reduced cost.

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