Top Businesses to Start in the UAE – 10 Business Ideas You Can Consider

Top Businesses to Start in the UAE

The UAE is considered the central hub of the Middle East, it has a booming economy and is a massive tourist attraction, catering to the needs of all. The days of the UAE’s only viable business options were solely focused in the oil industry are over. There are many ripe and bountiful markets that entrepreneurs and business owners can sink their teeth into and make a serious profit.

There are a myriad of opportunities in the Middle East for you to explore, this article will feature best business in UAE, most lucrative ideas to help get the ball rolling. As the UAE’s markets are considered to be quite open and free flowing, there really isn’t much you can’t get involved in, but these top ten businesses are a good place for you to start.

1. Education

The UAE is home to an extraordinary opportunity with regards to teaching and education based businesses. Dubai hosts an international academic city; this is the largest free zone focused purely on higher education. The UAE as a whole is knowledge hub, interested in all learning and teaching jobs. If you’re planning to start a small business in Dubai particularly then education might be one of the best selections.

If you are an entrepreneur with an academic background, or are interested in business opportunities within the teaching field venturing into this line of work within the UAE could be very profitable as the want for these roles and businesses to supply schools with teachers from all backgrounds is vastly sought after.

2. Tourism

The UAE has become widely recognised for its luxurious and adventurous offerings to tourists everywhere. Now it is normal to find at least one city of the UAE on the average persons bucket list for travel destinations.

Dubai TourismA tourism-based business would be a great investment within the UAE, whether it focuses on formalities such as visas, booking excursions for tourists, hospitality and nightlife options, or religious pilgrimages to various attractions that are found all over the UAE. The only important factor is to ensure this focus within the tourism market matches your own passion and any previous knowledge you may have.

3. Events Management and Night Life

The industry, which was once a taboo within the UAE, has become more and more accepted and accredited over the years. Now the events held within fashion, entertainment and nightlife are widely known and attended by people all over the globe. Dubai has become the centre of nightlife, boasting many world famous clubs and hosting top tier musical and theatrical performances on a daily basis.

A word to the wise, before investing into the nightlife side of events you must insure that your documentation and licences meet the regulatory standards in the UAE.

4. Cleaning Services and Maids

Due to the unimaginable wealth accrued by many of the UAE’s resident’s starting-up a cleaning or maid services business would be a very financially stable business idea.

The services could be focused on specific households, hotels or even restaurants, by employing your own team of cleaners you could increase your workload as your team increases and depending on the jobs you receive. This has the potential for massive growth with little overheads. Additionally, this is one of the home based business ideas in UAE you can start.

5. Restaurants

RestaurantsThe UAE are known for their own traditional cuisine and their love for other world classics. Investing in a new chain; a speciality restaurant or a luxurious fine dining experience, each of which could really make big stamp in this country.

It is important to remember where your passions lie before making these choices, but it could be an interesting and profitable investment.

6. Nurseries and Nanny Services

As the UAE is home to many wealthy families from all over the world investing in a nursery or nanny service would be a great way to integrate the local community and make some serious profits.

Many of the working population within the UAE are very busy making housemaids a necessary and affordable luxury there. After building a reputable company to adhere to this need this opportunity could be very lucrative.

7. Dry Cleaning Services

The UAE love a fast fix to old school problems, they have excelled in accommodating the Uber based lifestyle that western society created, and some would say they are doing this even better. Adding to the eradication of stubborn chores, starting a dry cleaning service that both picks up soiled clothing and delivers fresh clean laundry would be very fitting. This would accommodate the busy lives led by the majority of UAE population, making their personal time their own.

8. Building Based Business

As the UAE is continuously expanding their city scapes, more people have a need for plasters, plumbers and builders to help them with their everyday housing issues. This business would be great in both residential or commercial businesses as the population is always expanding and more people flock to the UAE for business opportunities this market will always be relevant and used.

9. Salon or Barbers

This business model has a global need and appeal; the same could be expected in the Dubai, UAE. The important factor related with the success of this business would be how you market your offerings and the target audience you hope to adhere to. This in the business opportunities in Dubai with low investment you can consider.

10. Health and Fitness Businesses

As the people of the UAE have a much higher disposable income when related to other areas of the world, they would be more interested and likely to invest in their own fitness. Opening a business focused in this market would be very rewarding with the right clients.

Ending Thoughts

This list of top ten business ideas that you could venture into is only the tip of the iceberg. If you have an entrepreneurial gift and a can do attitude, the opportunities in the UAE are endless.


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