How to Be a Successful Taxi Driver

How to Be a Successful Taxi Driver

The old parameters associated with the role of a taxi driver have been revamped. This is due to the rise in many app based taxi services, being a successful taxi driver now relies on your personal ratings given by customers.  Previously the meritocracy of a taxi driver’s success depended on their driving capabilities and knowledge of the areas they work in.

1. Ensure the passenger has a good trip

First and foremost the passenger must reach their destination with no issues. This is the number one priority of a taxi driver and it will ensure that they get a good review and are used again. Many taxi drivers seem to forget this and focus on getting their passenger there quickly, this can cause some distress for the passenger and their memory of the trip.

2. Safety is key

Car SafetyTo ensure the passenger has the best experience with you it is imperative that you keep both of your passengers and your own safety in mind. With the rise in app based taxi services, anyone can be a cab driver. This has had a detrimental impact on the actual driving capabilities of the taxi driver.

Whilst this isn’t true for all taxi drivers, some are not vetted correctly before gaining the job and drive dangerously. To ensure your success as a taxi driver you must drive carefully and safely at all times.

3. Know your routes

A lot of taxi drivers now rely on satnavs to guide them through both urban cityscapes and suburban territories. This is quite a new normality in the taxi industry; many former cab drivers would have had to complete strenuous tests to prove they know their way around certain territories.

London taxi drivers have to complete the knowledge, this could take up to three years to learn and successfully complete. To be a successful cab driver you should know the fastest ways around your town or city and offer the best routes to your passengers.

4. Keep your car clean

Keep your car cleanThis point may seem obvious, but keeping your car clean and smelling fresh leave a massive impact on your passengers. We have all got into a car that was unclean, smelt bad or was not kept in a good condition. This automatically makes the passenger believe that your driving will be of the same level. It is a natural assumption that can have a catastrophic effect on your success or retention levels.

Keeping your car clean and tidy will leave your passengers happy and can result in them calling you or asking for your over other drivers. This could have a huge impact on your work and revenue over a long period of time. For example, you could take a businessman or women to the airport, they have a great trip and request you to take them each time they go. This would be a massive earner for you and your reputation in your firm would be sky high.

5. Read the passengers mood

Some passengers will ask you a lot of questions about the city or town you are working in, usually tourists. Other passengers may speak on the phone the whole trip, as a taxi driver you have to pre-empt the service each customer hopes to experience. This is not normally a hard job, but it is a very effective way to ensure success.

If you are able to correctly provide the level of service each customer is expecting then you will be very successful. This kind of service will get you positive feedback, recognition and retention rates.

6. Offer the passenger extras

Now it is customary to offer your passengers the use of chargers, USB ports and any other complementary offerings you choose to supply. Many drivers stock their cars with tissues, mints and water, anything they can afford to purchase and find space to stock in their car to ensure their passengers have a good trip with them.

This kind of preparation will definitely have a positive impact on your customer’s experience. This in turn will lead to a good review, more journeys off of the back of this. Whilst this is not a necessity, it will definitely impact your successfulness as a taxi driver and it will enhance positive word of mouth. This alone can enhance your success as a taxi driver for a long time to come.

7. Remind them to leave positive feedback

If you do work via an application or through a online booking agent it is important to remind your clients to leave feedback. Now only they can decide if this is positive or not, but more times than not you should be getting positive responses from your clients.

There is an art to asking for a positive review; each driver will have his or her own methods. Some use cards remind their customers to leave some feedback on their experience, others will ask outright. It depends on the customer you have and your own personal preference, but the more successful rides you complete the better rating and recommendation you will have.

Closing thoughts

Becoming a successful taxi driver takes years of learning, practise and cultivating an customer base. If you follow these simple steps, and those that you find work from experience, you will be able to be successful in no time.

The key aspects of being a successful taxi driver come from your driving capabilities, your personality and knowledge of the area you work within. If you can hone in on these, the rest comes very easily. Make sure that you give the profession the time it needs for you to truly make an impact on your audience. This way you will see the benefits of your hard work quicker and reap the rewards for a longer timeframe.

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