How to Make Money with WordPress Themes

How to Make Money with WordPress Themes

WordPress is a front-end website design tool which is free and easy to use. It allows you to create a website based on pre-existing themes…you choose the theme you want and it applies the basics like font type and size to the entire site. You do not need to know code. You can also use WordPress to create Blog sites.

Whilst the software is free to use and download, any maintenance or ‘tweaks’ are not. Most users of the software will want it to do something that it doesn’t, or will experience a problem with functionality at some point, this is where you, as a coder, can make some money.


A great way to make money with WordPress Themes, is to offer the users a maintenance contract. If you know coding then any problems or issues that occur can be identified and/or fixed. You could offer an annual contract for an annual fee, or you could just bill after each individual call out.

As previously stated, there is no guaranteed ‘Help’ option for free with WordPress.

Create a WordPress Theme

If none of the existing themes meet the requirements of a client, then you can offer to tweak and create a brand-new theme on their behalf. In many cases, a client will automatically employ the services of a web designer for their web site. All you need to do is pick an existing theme near to what they want, and then develop it further.

Create a WordPress ThemeAlways remember to develop what the client wants – rather than making their needs fit into an existing theme, otherwise you might find yourself caught out by someone who is more technically adroit and knows about WordPress Themes.

Create a Premium Plug-in

Most people are aware that no software does exactly what they want. They will use WordPress as a foundation and then build on it. Plug-ins are a great money spinner as long as they do something valuable.

It is very unlikely that you would make any money from a plug-in which allows you to do something which is already available (just in a different way). The money is made by problem solving. As a developer, you should study the program and identify shortfalls – or even create a user group to identify them for you – then come up with a solution, which comes in the form of a paid for plug-in.

Become a Content Writer

Content WriterIf you are familiar with WordPress and are good with words, then why not become a content writer? This could be a freelance way of making some money. Always remember the audience that you are targeting and make sure that you don’t make any mistakes otherwise your career will be short-lived!

There are lots of places looking for content writers on the internet. You don’t have to know the subject matter at the beginning…but you should do by the end – research is also a key skill to have…don’t make it up if you don’t know it, research, research, research. Not only will you make money, but you will also learn a lot!


The previous headings have dealt with how you can make money as a third party. However, let’s not forget those of you who have a flair for certain artistic and service-related industries.

Why not set up your own Web Site? You can advertise things you have made, or services you offer. Using WordPress is easy and you could reap the rewards of this quickly and efficiently, even if you are not a coder.

If you decide to go down this route, just make sure that your message is clear, no typos, pictures with clarity, professional. Remember, you may get one chance when someone clicks on your page, so make it engaging and don’t publish too early. Create it, test it, test it and test it again – first impressions last.


There are many other ways you can make money out of using WordPress, these are just a few examples. The overriding message is that you need to know the software like the back of your hand in order to facilitate its use to clients. If you don’t, maybe set up your own test website and see what you like, what could be better and how you could create your own USP for it…then sell yourself.

By far the easiest way to make money is to use the free stuff to create your own website for your own offerings, but this will rely on you getting the footfall, so you will need to do your homework on how to make that happen. The best advice for setting up your own site using WordPress is to have a look around the web and find some sites that you like the look and feel of, then reproduce it.


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