20 Business Ideas for Healthcare Professionals

Business Ideas for Healthcare Professionals

There are many business ventures open to healthcare professionals or those that want to work within the healthcare sector. Whilst many healthcare professions do require a high-level degree, or extensive study, there are some roles that can be obtained via on the job training. Do not be disheartened if you do not have the qualifications, the main skills you must possess are determination and drive.

Whilst there are a plethora of businesses open for healthcare professionals to explore, 20 particular ideas are listed below.

1. Dentistry

DentistryWhilst this profession does require many years of studying and various qualifications, it is very rewarding. Whilst most dental practices are often small or independent, if they are located in the right areas they can do exceptionally well.

2. Chiropractor

Previously this was considered a niche profession, but in recent years Chiropractors have become a staple of the healthcare community. They offer various services focus on spinal movements; this can range from basic adjustments to specialised spinal therapy.

3. Veterinarian

If you consider yourself as more of a Doctor Dolittle becoming a veterinarian would be a great profession for you. Starting a veterinary practise is a very viable business opportunity and gives you the option to specialise in certain animals to the areas you business are located in.

4. Sleep Technician

This is considered a rather newer form of profession, but has seen some great leaps in necessity over recent years. As many more people are experiencing sleep-based issues, a business aiming to help and treat these patients would be very rewarding. A focus could be on sleep testing, treatment and developing remedies for common sleep problems.

5. Dermatologist

Dermatology is an extremely important field of study and practise in today’s modern world. As everyone seems to be obsessed with their skin and its health, it can be a very lucrative business option. Dermatologists are hired to diagnose and treat skin issues, but can offer other niche specialist treatments to increase their client base and income.

6. Paediatrician

This profession is tailored to doctors that want to work exclusively with young patients. Starting your own practise as a paediatrician would mean that your whole design and offerings would have to be tailored to the younger generation. If you are especially passionate about this, it will be a walk in the park, but it is considered a very American business.

7. Midwife

MidwifeMidwifery is one of the most rewarding healthcare professions for some people. This role allows you work with pregnant women before, during and after their childbirth. Cultivating relationships and acting as a first port of call for any issues they may have been facing. The profession requires medical training, but if you complete a college course in midwifery, then usually this can be topped up with on the job training.

8. Doula

If the training associated with midwifery puts you off, becoming a Doula is quite similar. Doulas offer various services that aim to help the childbirth process much easier. They are trained professionals that focus on enforcing comfort and a stress free birthing experience.

9. Herbalist

A herbalist can either provide herbal supplements and remedies for customers, or diagnose them upon appointment. Herbalists usually develop many natural solutions for many different ailments. The business opportunities associated with this profession are interesting and can be set up as an online business too.

10. Natural Remedy Supplier

This business would require the owner to be well educated in natural remedies for treating illnesses and discomforts. It would require the owner to have a good relationship with various suppliers globally too. The role would mean that the owner would have to be a very good communicator and there would be a heavy expenditure on marketing initially.

11. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counsellor

This is a very specific type of counselling, although it is usually grouped in with mental health issues. Addiction is a massive issue worldwide, so providing some kind of counselling or guidance to help would be greeted with happiness in any community.

12. Social Worker

Becoming a social worker requires some years of studying, but not always a university degree. This makes it more achievable for a wider community. Social workers usually work with their local councils to help provide assistance for vulnerable people in their areas.

13. Nutritionist

This profession is great for a health enthusiast that hopes to further their knowledge into this as a profession. Nutritionists offer their clients nutritional advice and health tips to allow them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Nutritionist aims to install healthy intake habits into their clients lives; the profession has become more and more lucrative in recent years.

14. A Health Blogger

Becoming a health blogger requires a good online presence and community that will follow you and your journey. This profession is a very millennial one, but has evoked a whole knew type of business opportunity for the masses. It does not require any schooling, although valid insight into health and leading a healthy lifestyle is key.

15. A Wellness Coach

Starting up a wellness coaching business requires the candidate to be very people focused. It is a one-on-one type of environment, meaning your relationship and interpersonal skills are really important. Wellness coaches provide advice and coaching on topics such as fitness, nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle. As there are no real clear indications or guidelines of what a wellness coach is, this can be extended and developed into whatever the client is looking for.

16. Weight Loss Clinic Operator

For so many people weight loss is a massive focal point in their lives. Weight loss clinics are open to treat the clinically obese to the overweight or unhealthy people in society that want help. Becoming a weight loss clinic operator could be a very interesting business venture due to the lack of guidelines with the role, this is considered niche and can be adapted to fit the client. This too can be said for the payment of such treatments.

17. Medical Cleaning Business

If you have not got much medical training or schooling, but would like to be work in the medical world a cleaning business is a great alternative. These businesses work in affiliation with hospitals and GPs to ensure a high standard of cleaning and sanitisation are withheld. They are an integral part to the inner workings of any medical profession and are highly sought after.

18. Medical Waste Disposal Provider

Whilst this business idea is niche, it is also extremely rewarding in both monetary and possible stature. Becoming a renowned medical waste disposal provider could lead to a ever-growing business opportunity. This also has the potential for both national and global based growth, depending on the merit regarded to your works.

19. Drug Testing Business

This is loosely connected with the medical industry and its professions, but has the opportunity to grow massively. A drug testing business can easily gain its credentials and could work with large companies to offer internal drug testing on their employees.

20. Blood Bank Operator

Starting a blood bank business would be great for a phlebotomist, or any trained nurses that have learned the skill for taking blood and plasma samples. Blood banks are prevalent in all countries worldwide and are either government backed, or self-owned working in a partnership with private hospitals. This would require the business owner to take samples, store them and deliver them to other clinics and medical facilities when needed.


These 20 businesses are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to working, or developing a business, within the medical industry. Healthcare professionals have got many different, viable options that they can delve into to get the most out of their training, or to gain a new skill. It is important to use these skills to your advantage and choose a business venture that is most suitable to your own preferences. That way it will be much easier to control and grow over time.


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