How to Fix Instagram Has Stopped? The Pros And Cons

How to Fix Instagram Has Stopped

Instagram has taken the social media platform world by storm; it is now one of the most widely recognised and used.  This is mainly due to its ease of use and its ability for users to connect, create and share content so freely. Instagram is the basis for many businesses to operate out of and has dawned a new kind of celebrity, the influencer.

Due to its huge reach, Instagram has become one of the most important applications ever. Many people do seem to come into some issues with it from time to time, be it a connection, logging on issue or a general bug. The owners are always updating the application to keep ahead of bugs and issues, but sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands. Below are a few tips to help you get fixed Instagram has stopped.

1. Re-download the application

This is the go to method for fixing any application errors, especially with Instagram. The best thing to do is to choose the Instagram application on your phone and press down for a long time on it. Then you can choose to delete the app. Another way of getting rid of the app is to get to it via your settings. You can open all your Apps or App and Permissions, then look for Instagram. From there your can Uninstall the app with ease. Once it has been uninstalled you will need to re-download it from your app store. This should hopefully allow you the ability to use Instagram without any issues.

2. Update the version you have of Instagram

Another key reason your Instagram may have stopped working is due to it needed to be updated. When a new update is available for any app it usually makes the version you have run with some issues. This is used a prompt for you to update the application, but it can make the app run really slow and cause some distress for the user.

To update the new version software you should first visit your app store and check for updates. Then choose the apps you would like to update and leave your phone for a few minutes, depending on how good your signal is at this time. After this you should have the app working fine with no crashing problems or issues at all.

3. Clear all of your Instagram app data

If you are an Instagram binger, your daily consumption could be the reason your app is running with some issues. The best way to ensure that this does not cause any issues is by deleting your data storage. This can be done by choosing your settings, searching for applications and then selecting the apps and preferences tab or menu. Once you have made it to this subfolder you should search for the Instagram app, open it and choose clear data. This will free up storage on your phone and allow you to use the app much more freely.

4. Reset your application preferences

Your Instagram could be running with some issues due to default application preferences that are predetermined on your phone. This can be easily resolved by resetting the application preferences. You should first load up your settings and go onto the apps option. Then choose either the three dots, or more option. These are usually placed at the bottom of your screen. From there you should click on reset application preferences and choose Instagram.

5. Conflicting Applications

If after trying these methods above your Instagram is still not working correctly the issue may stem from other applications. These could be trying to freeze your phone or corrupt other apps, causing them to work with some issues. The only way to check this is by manually checking each application. This will allow you to pinpoint the app or apps that are resulting in your phone crashing. Once you have figured out which apps is the root cause of all of this, you should uninstall them and then reinstall Instagram to check it works okay. And finally, if you want to grow your Instagram, you can find advice here:


Phone applications are constantly evolving and being created with more resilience. Certain apps do bare the brunt of other not performing well, or performing with bugs and causing crashes. The five solutions above are designed to help ensure that your Instagram can be fixed with ease on your phone. These simple steps will ensure that you are able to log back into the application in no time.

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