10 Pro Tips to Sell Shoes to Flight Club

How to Sell Shoes to Flight Club

Flight Club is an online sneaker retailer that has revolutionised the sale of rare shoes. They pride themselves on having the rarest, most exclusive trainers collections. Since they opened their doors 15 years ago they have grown from being a one-stop sneaker destination to a cultural hub for all sneaker enthusiasts and those just starting to get into sneaker collecting too.

Users can also sell their own stash using their online and physical stores too. Making it an interesting endeavour for those owners of many rare trainers. Below are our top tips on how to sell shoes to flight club.

1. Create your account

Before you can sell anything on Flight Club you must create your account. This can be done very easily via their site. Ensure that you have entered all the correct details and given your payment information so when you manage to sell a pair of trainers you can receive your pay out quickly and with ease. This is the starting point to ensure that you can sell your shoes via their channels.

2. Write a good submission

Once you have created your account you must write a in depth submission that detail the shoes you want to sell. This will then be sent to flight club representatives to vet and ensure that your sneakers are suitable for their resale. If you are able to really explain your offering, highlighting their value and exclusivity, you will surely get your submission accepted. Take the time out to develop a pressing argument as to why your shoes should be sold to flight club, this can stand you in good stead for the future.

3. Clean your shoes

Do not send off any shoes that are dirty or unsuitable for resale. Though their site does explain that they will accept slightly used trainers, it is important to not over step the mark. Ensure your shoes are cleaned and in the best condition they can be before sending them out to be resold.

4. Only submit worthy shoes

On the back of the above point, if your shoes are not suitable to be sent out after a deep clean, they probably are not suitable for the site’s target market. When deciding which shoes you want to sell, be sure to be ruthless. It is important that you do not compromise the authenticity of your account and get banned or put onto a red list due to improper submissions or sales of badly used or worn shoes.

5. Discuss the resale price extensively

You must be confident in your product when you send it over to Flight Club, make sure that you have discussed every avenue. You should push back on initial offers and work with the flight club staff to come to an agreement that is valuable for both parties, whilst keeping customers interested too.

6. Take advantage of the physical locations

Flight Club has many physical locations this is not a normal attribute of a sneaker reseller vendor. You can go to a store with your trainers, discuss your potential earnings and get them to help you with your submission too. You should take this physical interaction and use it to the best of your ability.

7. Don’t forget about the fee’s

Flight Club take 9.5% of every sale, a $5 seller fee and 2.9% cash out fee, which can be quite off putting for many users. If you are aware of this when you first post your submission or speak with a representative you can accurately price your shoe to get the return you desire.

8. Take good pictures

As with selling nearly anything via the internet, your content is really important. Choosing good pictures is really important, it can be the difference between accepting a submission and letting one go. You should take the time out to get very good pictures, or even ask a professional depending on the sneaker. This can also help you get a better price too.

9. Evoke trustworthiness

Selling with Flight Club gives you the trustworthy edge online and with potential customers without you having to do anything. Nevertheless, in the initial stages you must be willing to provide evidence of sale, any issues with the shoes or just be ready to answer any questions. You must be transparent with your submission to ensure a good end result.

10. Be prepared for the verification process

Due to the increase in fake trainers becoming more and more common, Flight Club have had to increase their verification process. This means that you will need to have all the relevant documentation ready for them upon submission or if you go into their stores. Be prepared to avoid any doubts or time wasting.


Due to Flight Clubs impressive reputation once you have cracked the initial submission process your shoes should sell in a flash. They have customers globally that use and trust them on a daily basis. This kind of exposure can do wonders for your sales, be proactive and prepared Flight Club will do the rest.

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