The Fastest Way to Make Money in The Crew

Fastest Way to Make Money in The Crew

The Crew is an online racing video game that has been developed by both Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections. It is a hit game that can be played on Microsoft Windows, Playstation, Xbox one and Xbox 360. The premise of the game revolves around racing and cars, its map has five different regions; The Midwest, East Coast, The South, Mountain State and West Coast. This gives an indication that it is modelled against the USA and its diverse territories.

There are various different campaigns that players can play, with many different challenges. The single player mode is around 20 hours long, it includes the infiltration of criminal groups, racing and various mini challenges that can get players more money. The multi-player modes allows for a maximum of eight players to connect and work together on missions. The goal is to form crews that are successful and can race together to gain tiles and make records on the game.

Like with most games, there are various ways a player can make a considerable amount of money to help them complete the challenges easily. Below are the top, fastest way to make money in the crew

Photo Challenges

There are various challenges that players can undertake to get them more money to spend, the most lucrative of these are the photo challenges. Each photo challenge can give players 15,000 bucks, this is a substantial amount of money that can really give players a head start in their quests. These photo challenges can be found by players actively searching and exploring the various territories, so if they take the time out to look around then these challenges can be found, and you can make a lot more money.

The Las Vegas Strip Challenge

This is one of the most lucrative challenges, players have the opportunity to earn up to 20,000 bucks upon its completion. If you are able to win in this challenge, then you have the ability to make big money very quickly. This is one, if not the, highest challenge prize you can earn on the game so be sure to check it out if you are strapped for cash in a rush. Whilst this allows you to make money quickly, please remember that skill levels and the time you have available to complete it must be considered.

The Boat Race Challenge

At Hoover Dam players have the option to complete a boat race challenge, whilst the prize for this can vary it is definitely a quick way to make money within the game. Players have also commented on the ease of this challenge too, making it an easy solution for those looking to get rich quick. Whilst this may give you the cash injection you need, it can get very repetitive and you may diminish your crews interest by overplaying such challenges. Ensure you keep a variety of challenges open and completed.

Visiting Landmarks

Whilst visiting a new territory or city, you must head to their famous landmarks. This is an easy way to collect more money and takes very little time or effort to do so. Every time you visit a new landmark you should press enter, this will allow you to receive $2000 and 50XP. Whilst this may seem like a small amount compared to other challenges and prize funds, after visiting the whole map you can really make a lot of money without any hassle.

Take on Faction Missions

After you have reached level ten in The Crew you have the ability to join a faction. These allow you to become involved with new, more rewarding missions with high cash rewards. Whilst completing these yourself can take a lot of time, in some cases over an hour, if you send your friends, they can complete this for you. As you progress through the game you can send more and more friends to complete missions and earn from this too.

Get your Daily Salary

Another great way to accumulate money on The Crew is simply by logging in each day. At first this will only be 1,000 bucks, but after time and as you climb up the levels this number can rise to up to $10,000 per day. The higher you rank, the better your daily salary becomes, this is a great earner and can help you to increase your revenue massively by just being present.

Actually Complete Challenges

Obviously, this will help you to increase your revenue and gain more money. Some players start challenges and never finish them, leaving their possible income tied up in because they fail to complete. No matter how long, or hard, a mission or challenge is you have to make it your priority to finish them and move on to the next one. Through actually completing the challenges you have a better chance of levelling up the ranks, thus earning more money daily and getting better rewards. We have itemized some of the most rewarding challenges above but take the time out to find the ones that you like and can earn from the best too.


As with most games, The Crew does take some time to allow you to really earn a lot of money. There is no real fast fix, other than trial and error and undergoing some time initially to ensure that you are constantly leveling up in the game to get better returns. The Crew does have some sure ways to earn money quicker than others, try to find the best challenges for you as a priority. Then grow your crews to be able to work together as a team and get a higher dividend. The more friends you have, the better your opportunities to earn money will be.

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