Cheap Storage Units in Melbourne

Cheap Storage Units

When you need storage space for either moving, renovating, or seasonal storing, your first thought will be storing in a self-storage facility, right?

Actually, there is a newer, more efficient method of storing, which is renting storage units. How is this better than a self-storage facility? What are the prices of these storage units?

Stay with us and keep scrolling to get detailed information on storage units, their benefits, and how to find cost effective storage prices.

What Are Storage Units?

Storage units are shipping containers (yes, the ones you usually see on the docks) you can rent and use to store anything you want, even cars.

These containers are really durable because they are made of steel that is quite literally impenetrable. So, even if it is stored in the open under the Melbourne weather, your things will still be protected from dust, water, vermin, and the weather.

The good thing about storage units is that they are completely mobile. If you call a storage company and ask them to deliver you a container on Thursday, they will bring the container in for you with a truck and forklift.

So, you don’t need to worry about how to collect and move a giant container by yourself.

Types of Storage Services You Can Benefit From

There are four services that are usually offered by storage companies, which are:

Portable/Mobile Serviced Storage

This service is suitable for you if you have little time to spare during your busy week. As this is a premium service, the company will do everything for you, starting from delivering the unit, loading your things inside, to storing it securely.

Portable/Mobile Self Storage

Portable/mobile self storage is not as fully serviced as the serviced storage, but still beneficial nonetheless. The company will still deliver and store the unit for you, but you need to load it yourself.

Despite that, it is already so much easier than storing in a self-storage facility. With this service, you won’t have the hassle of loading and unloading your things more than once.

Portable/Mobile Onsite Storage

Portable Onsite Storage

This one is a lot different than the other two. Instead of storing the unit in a storage facility provided by the company, the unit will be stored in your premises. That way, you will have 24/7 access to it.

How Much is One Storage Unit?

To ensure that you get a cheap shipping container hire, you need to know the unit sizes offered on the market.

Every storage companies have different prices and criteria, but there are standard sizes (in cubic metres or m3) and rates, which are;

  • 6ft = 10 m3 = $22.95 per week
  • 8ft = 11.5 m3 = $24.95 per week
  • 10ft = 16-19 m3 = $34.95 per week
  • 20ft = 32-38 m3 = $59.95 per week

How big is a cubic metre? A cubic metre is as big as a box with a 1m length, 1m width, and 1m height. To make it easier to visualise, one queen bed is approximately 1.4 cubic metres.

Hence, the smallest container, with 10 cubic metres capacity, can hold a lot of your things.

So, how much does a storage unit cost per cubic metres? It is easy to count. First, you need to know the dimensions of the unit. For example, the unit has the dimensions of;

  • Length: 2.4 m
  • Width: 1.8 m
  • Height: 2.6 m

Calculate L x W x H. Therefore, 2.4 x 1.8 x 2.6 = 11.23 m3. Now, the price per m3 is the weekly rate divided by the total m3.

Using the same example above, the weekly rate is $22.95 per week. Hence, $22.95/11.23 m3 will be $2.04 per m3.

How to Find Cheap Storage Units Without Neglecting Quality

Storage Units

Now that you know the standard prices and sizes in the market, you need to also note the qualities a good storage company has.

The important qualities you need to keep in mind are;

  • Honesty about prices and sizes. If they don’t give you the size and price upfront, then you better move on. If you settle for a company that only rents one container size, you will either not have enough or too much space.
  • The no fixed contract system. Having no binding contract allows you to use the storage container for as long as you need. No matter if you use it for a month or ten years, as long as you pay, you can keep it.
  • Not skimping on protection. A company who is a leader in the storage industry will offer extra protection for your things. Protections such as bubble wraps, boxes, packing papers, and furniture blankets will be free.

With these qualities in mind, you can carefully choose the best company to help make your storage experience better and cheaper.

Key Takeaways

Storage units are an easier and cheaper solution than self-storage facilities. Not only that, they are also much more convenient because of their mobile nature.

There are various container sizes, and all of them can fit a lot of your things. Plus, they are very cheap, starting from $2 per cubic metre.

Lastly, don’t forget to search for price and quality. Choose a company that will offer you the size and price upfront, no fixed term contract, and free protections. That way, the condition of your things will be assured.


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