The Most Unusual Inventions for Gamers

inventions for gamers

Conventional gaming devices – mice, keyboards, and headphones – no longer surprise anyone. In an attempt to impress gamers and capitalize on their passion, various technology companies and manufacturers of gaming peripherals began to come up with unusual and sometimes very strange accessories that are designed to enhance the gaming experience.

These devices help the gamer to better immerse themselves in the gameplay, and some of them make it easier. Likewise, Skycoach helps players from all over the world make their gaming experience easier, reduce farming time and get the best stuff in their favorite online games. By purchasing d2 sherpa, you can buy boost and help in Destiny 2, which is one of the best online shooters of the last decade.


In the spring of 2020, the Japanese furniture company Bauhutte showed a transforming bed for the laziest gamers, which includes, in addition to the bed itself, a mattress and a pillow with a blanket, two monitors with a keyboard, mouse and gamepad, a table, bedside tables, shelves for snacks and energy drinks and even a smartphone holder. For complete happiness, only a toilet is missing.

You just lie there all day with food and enjoy the games. And if you are tired of lying, then you can turn the bed into an armchair. It probably sounds cool, but only for those who do not think about their health and put games above other things.

Smart Neuro Glove

What until recently was considered science fiction has firmly entered our lives. Once upon a time, virtual reality glasses seemed like something incredible from the category of sci-fi concepts, but now they have become commonplace. In general, why all this talk about the technologies of the future?

Canadian developers Brink Bionics have unveiled a device that promises to increase your reaction time in games by eliminating the delay between the physical click of a mouse button and the result displayed on the screen.

Exoskeleton ARAIG

No, don’t think, this is not about an exoskeleton from the Crysis game, but about a real gaming exoskeleton from ARAIG, thanks to which the player can feel what is happening in the game with his whole body. The device looks futuristic. If you walk in an exoskeleton along the street, then you will definitely collect views of yourself.

34 vibration sensors are built into the body of the device, which accurately responds to everything that happens in the game. If you are shot, then you will feel this unpleasant sensation, if it is raining or your character is falling from a height, then you will feel drops falling on you and the speed of flight.

Compression Sleeve and Glove

This invention will not raise your skill but will help get rid of possible problems with your wrist. It’s no secret that players who want to excel in competitive games spend dozens of hours in front of a computer. Because of this, carpal tunnel syndrome, also called carpal tunnel syndrome, can develop.

The Flashe Gaming Glove Compression Glove helps improve circulation in the hand and reduce muscle tension. The sleeve is made of polyester, which provides good breathability and has a high ability to regulate moisture and wick away sweat.

The underside of the glove is covered with a Teflon-impregnated fabric that reduces friction when moving the hand. In addition, it provides wrist locking at an optimal angle to reduce the load on the hand.

A Gaming Chair that Automatically Feeds the Player

The convertible bed, where you can only lie, eat and play games all day long, is not the only controversial invention on the list. How about a gaming chair from Pringles that can automatically feed the player with chips so that he does not get distracted from the gameplay?

round cookies

The authors simply took the finished model of the Warp Z chair, stuck the Pringles logo on it, called the model Pringles Feeder, and built a robotic arm and a stand for chips into it. When you press a special button, the robotic arm takes a potato chip out of the box and puts it in the player’s mouth. And they also promised to build a smart bracelet into this chair, which would track the pulse, pressure, and general condition of the player.

Omni Virtual Play Space

And this device thundered all over the world and raised more than a million dollars on Kickstarter. It’s about the virtual gaming space Omni. The device is a running platform for free movement in virtual reality.

Players put on special shoes with a low coefficient of friction, which allow them to keep their feet in a stable position and prevent shifting to the side, fix themselves at the waist with belts, and use virtual reality glasses to move around the game worlds without worrying that they might run into a wall or some other or other obstacles.

In general, it turned out to be such a useful and interesting simulator that frees gamers from passive-sitting gameplay.

The modern world does not stand still and many companies present us with more and more fantastic and unusual devices. Some of them may sound and look like a joke, but some of them can actually be useful.


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