Bitcoin-ETF : What It Is And Why It Is So Important?


After seven years of hype surrounding the US regulator’s approval of the launch of a bitcoin-ETF, the instrument has been launched. And not just one bitcoin ETF, but two, from ProShares and Valkerie. Immediately after the start of trading on the NYSE, stock market participants bought more than $300 million worth of shares. Total turnover in the first 24 hours exceeded $1 billion. This is one of the best ETF launches in the history of the stock market. So it makes sense to go for bitcoins on the aggregator – Alligat0r.

It was amid the ETF hype that bitcoin was able to renew its all-time high of around $67,000. What is a bitcoin ETF and why is it so important?

What is a Bitcoin – ETF Using ProShares As An Example?

The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF is an exchange-traded fund based on bitcoin futures. It offers better investor protection than the spot bitcoin ETF. Investors are looking for this type of crypto platform which is not too difficult to fathom. Learning the dips and shoots of this digital fund will help any prospective investor to join in and be one of those looking at the faster ways of earning more money. Although profits would depend on the capital and the brevity of the investor to gamble and be wise in deciding when to buy and when to sell, bitcoin-EFT is as popular as the crypto trade itself.

The Bitcoin-ETF has an analogy to a gold ETF, tracking the price of gold. The price of a bitcoin ETF will change depending on the value of the futures on the underlying asset. The bitcoin world is quickly and widely expanding. Who knows where it would reach a little sooner? The progress of finance, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are almost unpredictable. Every now and then, crypto money is gaining stability and strength. The increases in values and rates are mostly good-looking. ETF, being easy to manage with less supervision, is making its way to become one of the most preferred choices.

Thus, the value of a futures ETF always deviates from the spot price. This gives you the opportunity to get a short-term premium or discount. ProShares tracks the price of bitcoin futures, not the price of bitcoin itself. The monitoring of shares is clearly visible and comprehensive. This is what the investors are looking for in a crypto platform. The trend leads the crypto fans towards anything that is manageable, passive, and transparent. Obviously, anything anyone would want to invest upon, is supposed to look simple like it.

The U.S. regulator has only approved a futures bitcoin-ETF. The futures themselves are regulated to protect investors from fraud and manipulation. Futures do not contain real bitcoins, making it easier to control the market. U.S. authorities will never approve exchange-traded funds that directly store bitcoin.

ProShares says their fund invests primarily in bitcoin futures and, to a lesser extent, Canadian ETF stocks that contain real bitcoins. This provides an opportunity to make a direct link to real bitcoins.

What Is The Appeal of ETFs?

This tool is of interest to traders who prefer to trade assets without owning them. Otherwise, they would have to go to the crypto exchanges like Coinbase or Kraken and buy real bitcoins. ETFs are appealing to new users as it involves low risk. Ideally, this is a good choice for those who are less of a risk-taker. This works like mutual funds, wherein exchanges can happen in the buying and selling manner.

Just like most investors do when they buy and sell goods, ETFs work this way. It is efficient in terms of tax, low in price, and offers a diverse set of options. If you are still in the first stage of crypto investment, this is a great choice to start with. EFT is transparent and can be a passive savings earning interest over time. One of the most popular investments for those who are into stock exchanges and digital money, the impact of ETF is simply interesting. It can work towards the investor’s advantage. Managing ETF is also easy and it does not require high intelligence.

Why Is A Bitcoin ETF Important?

An exchange-traded fund is the key to success in the traditional stock market. The instrument adds more popularity, liquidity, and legitimacy to the asset and provides access for institutional investors. Bitcoin has become mainstream and accessible to everyone. Since not all investors want to own bitcoin, the ETF has become a real boon. The investor doesn’t have to worry about where to buy the cryptocurrency and store it.

Now for the rest of the benefits of a bitcoin ETF:

  • For the first time, cryptocurrency became a legal investment asset in the U.S.
  • expanding the base of major investors.
  • incorporating additional assets into the bitcoin-ETF, such as Google or Tesla stock,
  • An opportunity to democratize finance

To Summarize

Bitcoin-ETF is a great PR tool for cryptocurrency, with which decentralized finance will continue to evolve. It won’t be long before we see exchange-traded funds for Ethereum, XRP, and Cardano cryptocurrency on the NASDAQ and NYSE. And in the future, even DX to Theta can be exchanged in this way.

Bitcoin-ETFs, like futures, reduce the volatility of cryptocurrency. This is the reason why the U.S. authorities have a not entirely friendly stance towards cryptocurrencies. The more bitcoin is capitalized, the less volatile it will be. In case you have never been exposed to stocks exchanges or cryptocurrencies just yet, this is a good step up. Maintaining and monitoring the platform is plain and simple it can be understood even by a typical layman.

The cryptocurrencies are now gaining too much attention and this is due to the fact that digital funds and exchanges are also making the rounds all over the global market. User guides are also available and ready for consumption for those who are ultimately interested with it. Learning the trade is made possible by online tutorials and training programs arranged by experienced cryptographers and investors.


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