The Ways You Can Get Credits in Snow

Get Credits in Snow

Looking for a side hustle or gig in winter? Fortunately, there are a lot of ways for you to earn some extra money in winter. Whether it would be through selling certain items or pitching your services in your neighborhood, there is always something you can take advantage of in order to gain more income.

However, if you still don’t know what’s the perfect side job for you in winter, here are some of the most popular and lucrative ways to earn extra money throughout the season.

Snow Removal Services

Even though snow removal can be a very tough job especially during blizzards or major snowstorms, there is no denying that it is one of the most demanding and lucrative side hustles you can do in winter.

If you want to start your own snow removal service, it is always a great idea to ask your neighbors or close relatives first since some of them might be interested in availing your services.

Most people and business owners also think it is more convenient to hire subcontractors when it comes to snow removal. This means that there is a lot of potential for you to scale out your services to various clients.

With the right equipment and proper planning for the weather, snow removal can be a great service to offer.

Start your Own Personal Side Hustle

Aside from clearing the snow from driveways or sidewalks in your neighborhood, you may want to try out other side hustles as well. If you have a natural talent or special skill in a specific field, you can use that to earn some extra money on the side while also gaining more experience with your craft.

Personal Side Hustle

Whether you’re a graphic designer, writer, or just good at digital marketing, you’ll surely find decent projects or contracts to work on from websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and FlexJobs.

Buying and Selling Online

Although many people prefer to hire snow removal services, some homeowners would want to do the snow plowing or digging on their own. You’ll be able to earn a decent profit selling snowblowers and snow shovels. On top of that, you can also resell your snow removal equipment if you have any in your home.

If selling essential winter supplies isn’t really your thing, you can always shop and resell different items online. If you’re starting to declutter some of your stuff at home, you can also sell some of your old clothes or items online.

Equipment and Winter Gear Rentals

Some people may prefer to rent shovels and other kinds of snow removal equipment for only a short period of time so it’s also a great opportunity to rent out your equipment instead of offering your snow removal services. Apart from equipment, you can also rent out heavy winter clothing.

If you’re the type of person that loves to go skiing or snowboarding, renting out your snowboards, skis, or other types of winter gear can also be a profitable business.


If you’re looking for a safer sideline for the winter season, you might want to consider babysitting. Babysitters are usually in demand during winter since some parents tend to be very busy with their work schedule.

However, it is important to remember that you should be able to make your clients reasonably comfortable when it comes to handling or looking after their kids.

Although it is not the most ideal job for everyone, babysitting can give you a decent amount of extra income to work with. On top of that, if you’re able to advertise and grow your network properly, it can be one of your most reliable sidelines all year round.

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Apart from babysitting, another sideline that you may want to try out is pet sitting. This would be the perfect job for you if you have your own fur babies at home or you’re just fond of taking care of pets in general.

As a pet sitter, your tasks vary from one client to another since some clients may instruct you to walk their dog in the snow while others might only need you to take care of their pets indoors.

Some pet owners might go somewhere important for a day or two so make sure to discuss any necessary activities or instructions that you want to be clarified with your client. Much like babysitting, you’ll need to be responsible for the safety and well-being of their pets.

Property and Yard Clean Up

Blizzards and major snowstorms can leave a lot of mess and damage to many properties. If you think you can handle helping with the clear up, you can earn some extra income from such a good deed as well.

Moreover, if you consider yourself a handyman, you can even offer to fix something from their property.

Make sure to ask if they need any further help in cleaning their property since there can be a lot of services you can do for them like gutter cleaning or leaf raking. If some of your clients have trees in their properties, you can also pitch in to trim the branches of their trees if they want to since trees, especially older ones, can cause a lot of harm during blizzards or storms.

Be an Uber or Personal Driver

If you’re a good winter driver and have your own car, you can start to offer rides for people through Uber or Lyft. Some people also prefer to order their food or items online so you can also earn a decent amount of money through other driving gigs like delivering packages through Amazon Flex or bringing in groceries from Instacart.

Some people may also want to hire their own personal transportation in winter so you can also offer your services as a personal driver.

Whether you’re taking your clients to important destinations or helping them transport some heavy items, offering your vehicle and driving skills as a service would give you some good extra income for a few months.


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