The Awesome Tips to Make a Living Selling Antiques

Make a Living Selling Antiques

Look around in your house specifically the basement there might be antiques inside those boxes or just parking in the corner of the basement.

Antiques can be anything from furniture, clocks, chess sets, ceramics, lamps, porcelains, chandeliers and many more that is already been in your house for several years like 100 years or even more, the older the better.

Taking good care of things and its quality and durability is a sure-fire way of making that piece of thing to an antique in the future. Perhaps people with antiques knows the value of it after so many years sometimes it’s a tradition and ritual that is being passed on from generation to generation of the family.

For something to be considered antique it must be 100 years old or more. If you have one there at your home take good care of it because it is older than you and perhaps the value of it is more expensive than what you think.

If you are planning to make a living selling antiques this article is for you. It is no easy task to be selling antiques today because there are a lot of things that you need to consider such as looking for clients, location, platform, maintenance of your antiques, price, and etc.

We will give you some awesome tips to make a living selling antiques.

Identify If It’s an Antique or Not

The first thing that you should learn is to identify if the item is antique or not because there are items that are only vintage and collectibles but not an antique so the value of the item will be lesser if it is not an antique.

Make sure to know a certified expert in looking at antiques so that you will be able to identify if its antiques and its value. The very first location where you can find antique is in your own home which will make it easy for you to start your business in selling antiques without too much investment.

Explore Places That Have Very Old Houses

If you know places in your state that have very old houses and there are people living in it then, that is the place where you can survey and ask them if they have antiques that they are willing to sell in a fair amount.

You should learn how to negotiate with old and young owners of antique for you to acquire such antiques that you can sell.

Collect Specific Category of Antiques

If you love a specific item that are antiques you can collect and buy all the kinds of antiques that is available in the market today or that is in position of individuals, so that antique collectors and buyers will come to you if they are looking for your collected antique items for sale.

Make an Online Antique Exhibit

Sell antiques in Auctions

If you already have many antiques with you that you want to sell which are certified antiques. You can make an online exhibit using zoom, google meet or in any online communication platform that is available and you know how to operate.

Prepare for your exhibits by choosing a location at home which is wide enough for your antiques. Clean your antique items, and the surroundings of your venue, get some help in marketing and advertising your online exhibits, tell your friends to attend the online exhibit, make sure to know the details of each item that you will be selling, have a price list of all your antique items.

Online exhibits are good source of potential clients of your antiques if done right and with appropriate marketing and advertising strategy.

Be on the Lookout of Public Events in Your Place

Make sure to know if there are public events that is being done in your place or nearby cities because you can display some of your antiques in those events. Public events gather a lot of people and some of those people might be one of your customers who will buy your antiques just make sure to find a location that is safe for you and your antiques.

Sell Your Antiques in Auctions

Joining auction is the common way of selling your antiques because the participants of auctions are sure that will buy your antique items just make sure that your antique is unique and a collectible because those participants will really spend an amount of money to have your antique items.

Just find some state that is planning to start an auctions and inquire on how to join. Find an antique auction website that is near your place or in other cities and inquire on how to join the auction.

Hire Digital Marketer That will Market and Advertise Your Antiques Online

If you want a hassle-free selling of your antiques and you have the budge then you can hire digital marketing experts that will market and advertise your antique items online that is towards your target clients.

Digital marketing experts knows the ins and outs, dos and don’ts in marketing any product online and you are guaranteed that this expert can find a buyer for your antiques just make sure that the one you find have the experience, resources, ability, and capability to market and advertise your antiques.

These are some tips for you to make a living selling antiques. If you have gotten an idea in selling your antiques in this article then congratulations because you are in the right path of making a living selling antiques.

Remember that selling any kind of items online or in actual requires patience and integrity. Make sure that your antique items are in good condition, properly maintained, and you know the true details of each antiques that you have so that you will be able to explain sincerely and honestly to your potential clients.

Lastly, love what you are doing because making a living selling antiques is good source of income for you and your family.


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