Why Is My Video Quality Bad On YouTube – Here’s The Instant Solution?

Video Quality Bad on YouTube

Poor video quality in YouTube might just be an app away towards it looking good and better afterwards. You might be asking yourself, “Why is my video quality bad on YouTube,” and there might be a ready answer for you.

On the part of the viewers, nobody would want a blurry and slow-moving video. Either a new search for a similar video will be launched, or the viewer will not watch the video altogether. There might be aspects such as internet connectivity but when this wi-fi issue is ruled out, your YT video will have the least chance of being viewed.

Here are a few reasons why your YouTube video quality is not looking well, and instant solutions or tips follow.

Choppy Connection

There might be the question of how fast your internet subscription is but the moment you know it’s supposed to be fast yet it’s showing otherwise, the problem is naturally in your video. Either your memory card or storage has been corrupted, it has a virus on it, or you had digital bugs captured when you recorded it. When it does not go away overtime, you might have a hard time looking for ways to fix it.

Blurred Content

Nothing is more annoying than watching an interesting video and all of a sudden, you get blurred parts. When your excitement is all high and the grainy screen appears, it is a major turnoff. That is considering you are watching it as the video owner. How else would the other viewers feel when they watch the same? It will surely be a hassle. Worse, they might not watch other videos you make.

Sound Out

In case you are confident you had the volume turned on when you recorded your video but it turned out muted or without sound when played, you might be in for a surprise. You might be pissed learning all your efforts would end up like that.

There will always be a workaround and you might need not look far to resolve this. However, if you are not familiar with providing resolutions to issues like this, you will definitely find yourself in a dilemma.

Pixelated Screen

Old videos or poorly taken shoots can result to a pixelated video content. This is never a great experience. Low-quality videography devices might be the culprit, or the videographer himself might be inexperienced.

Whichever is the case, a YouTube video will likely not make it to a desired number of views. Crappy videos or low-quality YouTube content always comes with pixelated screen issues.

Shaky Output

Using a tripod when taking the video will lessen the possibility of a shaky output. However, when it is inevitable, you can still shoot your videos. You just can’t be guaranteed good quality. When it happens, you will be in for a solution-finding scenario and Google can be your best buddy in finding how you can go about steadying a shaky video turnout.

Instant Solutions to Fix Bad YouTube Video Quality

All sort of resolutions is now almost readily available for public consumption using online browsers. Your browser will have lots of contents to offer but a few advices might come handy. The moment you find a solution to your low-quality video concern, you will have a workaround the next time it happens.

The experience will teach you lessons which will surely be useful to you YouTube activities moving forward. To get you going, here are some suggested instant solutions for the aforementioned reasons of poor video quality.

Use Another Media Player

Your existing media player might not be compatible to the video content you are trying to view on YouTube. Take note that you always have the freedom to use other media players available. You can look for free options.

Free does not always mean poor quality.  Read features and reviews before you download it. You can maximize the use of any medial player as long as your device allows.

Change File Format

Video file format may only be the reason why your video quality is showing low. Simply go to the settings icon, click on it and change the existing video format to HD or any other video file format options which are better.

The way your video is encoded will determine the type of video it will show. The dimension of your screen resolution can also be the issue. Whichever is the case, toggle around the file format settings.

Update The Sound Driver

Both your internal and external device speaker might be causing your video to be muted or playing without sound. Check your Device Manager and click on each item one by one to see what likely is causing such. Or, you can simply update your sound driver.

It will likely take you a minute or less. Your no-sound issue will be fixed in no time. You can as well check the wires and the connections, if you think all is well with the device.

Edit with A Video Software

Photo and video editing programs come in thousands online. Free apps are now available for every user to take advantage of. The goal is to enhance video quality as it is shown in YouTube.

Read through and try such video editing software and achieve good-quality content in no time. You can improve lightings, sounds, and all issues concerning your desired output can be fixed with one or two video-editing programs.

Switch To Small Screen Devices

This case is quite trivial but many have tried switching from a bigger to smaller screen once the video quality is not behaving well when viewed in YouTube. Try it on a smaller screen device, and your viewing experience might change.

It might not resolve your issue immediately but who knows, it will do the trick. The idea is to use a device with less programs running on. Multiple programs running all at the same time can turn videos grainy and shaking.


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