15 Best Apps for Photography Business – How Will You Consider Yours?

Best Apps for Photography Business

Today’s generation loves clicking their phones and take photos but professionally taken photographs are still incomparable. An inclination for good photographs, great angles, and smart themes can do the trick.

Making it a business is all the more a better idea. There is no need for rocket science software or system to get started. A photography business is something worth trying, regardless if camera capacities of most phones manufactured lately already have those features. Considering the best applications to have in terms of engaging in such a business is just practical.

Having one or two photo-editing app might be great, but when you have several options to add on, it would be a much better contingency. Photographers befriended apps like this as it can come handy whenever needed. Here are 15 of the most downloaded and technically the most used apps designed to aid a photography business.

1. Flickr

Billions of photo inspirations are around this app for every photographer’s dream storage. It has a wide variety of options for users to choose from. In case you are new in the Photography business, see how photos are best taken in this app.

More than two million users, photographers and non-photographers alike have been patronizing this app to date. In terms of color coordination, angle points, and phot distance, this app has a lot to offer.

2. Adobe Photoshop

Photo designing and editing is what this app boasts of. It saves file in a cloud Storage so professional photographers are familiar with the functionalities and tools that come with it. Designed to work well for graphics designer and photographers, it has been around since 1988. This is best used when fixing photographs on the desktop.

3. Pixlr

Photo animation and design is best done with this photography app. Touching and retouching of images is easy with this app. That is why when you decide to have a Photography business, you must have this downloaded and installed in your device as this can be a great ally in times of overlays and formatting.

4. PhotoScan

Google photos sorted and organized in a photography app like this. Works like a scanner, PhotoScan enables user to create perfect picture, remove glare and spots, and eventually turn out a flawless image. Saving photos in a Dropbox-like manner comes easy with this alternative for a photo-scanning device.

5. CubiCasa

Engineering and draftsmen partner, CubiCasa is proud of its 2D or 3D photo-editing and scanning capacity. If you’re into photography business specific to printing floor plans and building plans, this is a great partner app for you to download and make use of. Download is free and facial or body improvement features are available.

6. Instasize

Photo-video presentations used in wedding, debuts, or just any sort of events – mostly needed among photographers and anyone engaged in photography business, Instasize is an app you should not miss. Features of this app includes resizing and layering.

7. Snapseed

A photo-editing app which works for both Android and Apple devices, Snapseed allows brushing, structuring, and improving perspective. Digital filters and photo enhancement may be performed when you have this app downloaded in your device.

8. Watermark

Moving texts and logos in private photos is what this app is most known for. Photograph size can be adjusted all with the use of the blue dots at every corner end of the borders. All editing and image-modifying actions start from this part. This online tool can get you to work on your photo-editing job faster.

9. Sylights

In terms of lighting effects and working on several lighting techniques, this is a highly suggested app. Photographers get to share output and exchange files with this app. This is mostly about lighting diagram which is normally difficult to achieve without an app like this.

10. PhotoPills

The new standard in photography includes having an app like PhotoPills installed in the artist’s device. The app is updated on a regular basis so it never ends up obsolete and outdated. You can edit certain photo parameters with it and you can adjust technical aspects in a photo, just like the map position and sun views.

11. Instagram

Talking about Instagram aesthetic in photographs, capturing images and being creative with it is a huge help for photographers. There are variety of filters to choose from the app and color backgrounds of choice can be modified while using the app. What’s more pleasing with it is you can have it easily shared in social media and all data-sharing networks.

12. The Photographer’s Ephemeris

Outdoor photography is this apps’ specialty. This is exclusive for iPhone users and you can adjust images into augmented reality mode, night mode, or exposure analyzed-mode. This has been considered number one photo-editing app among apple device users and the number of downloads has been the basis.

13. Exposure Calculator

While expert photographers can tell whether or not a weather is good in a certain photography theme, it would still be great to do shoots regardless of the time, the weather, or the location.

Indoor or outdoor photos specifically, may be achieved with the Exposure Calculator app. When you have it downloaded, you can work anytime anywhere, as long as you have the app saved and updated with the latest version.

14. Pocket Light Meter

Light is essential in photography business. The amount of light exposed to your photographs will determine the output. A reflection meter featured by Pocket Light Meter app is designed to aid photographers and this is useful when creating frames and putting photos inside shapes. While you can do this in some other apps, you can do it seamlessly and faster with this one.

15. Lightroom Mobile

Photo and video editing is free with Lightroom Mobile app. Designed to help fix issues with images or any sort of photographs, this app is available for android users. This is easy to use where all features can be taken advantage of, all for the sake of improving your photographic creations.


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