6 Useful Machines That Can Streamline Your Business Processes

Useful Machines That Can Streamline Your Business Processes

Most people these days are aware of the many common types of office machines that they might use on a daily basis, such as fax machines, printers, and scanners. However, there are quite a few lesser-known machines out there that can streamline your business processes and help your company save time and money. This guide will introduce you to six useful machines that can streamline your business processes.

A Folder Inserter

This is a particularly useful machine for any office that frequently sends out folders containing multiple documents. A folder inserter helps you quickly and easily put together your papers, making the whole process faster than if you had done it by hand. With this machine, you can use pre-numbered sheets or forms to keep everything in order.  This machine also works very well with staplers, so when you stack all of your completed folders on top of one another, they will stay together until they reach their destination.

A Mailing Machine

These machines can be very useful if you are sending out a lot of letters or other envelopes, such as mail-in rebate forms. The process is usually quite simple: Put your documents in the envelope, fold over the flap, and use the mailing machine to seal and address them automatically. You can also choose between different kinds- some will sort and stuff envelopes automatically, while others work by inserting pre-stuffed envelopes into one large feeder to be sealed and stamped at your convenience. All mailing machines come equipped with multiple built-in scales for accurately weighing items before they go out so that postage costs remain constant.

This machine can be quite pricey, but it’s usually worth the investment if you are sending out a large number of mailpieces on a regular basis. It can also be time-consuming to train employees on how to use this type of machine properly. Try renting one before committing to buy.

A Thermal Binding Machine

Thermal binding machines are great for any office that requires frequent document duplication or photocopying. With this machine, there is no need to punch holes in documents or deal with nagging paper jams, as thermal binding uses heat-fused plastic combs that simply pop into place. Once your comb is all set up, just feed the stack of papers into the machine, press down on the foot pedal, and watch your documents come out completely bound. This machine works well with different plastic binding combs, so you can adjust the size of each comb depending on how thick or thin you want your document to be.

The bindings are quite bulky, so this is not ideal if you require professional-looking reports or presentations that will need to fit in a binder folder without sticking out too much. Another con is that thermal binding machines can often cost up to $500 which means you’ll have to shell out some serious cash before seeing any major savings.

A Staple Machine

This machine is particularly good for businesses that do not require daily copy/duplicate needs like some of the other machines mentioned above, but still, need to staple documents together on a regular basis. This machine can be quite handy if you are looking for an easy way to quickly put documents into a three-ring binder or just want to have them stapled before being sent out. There are different types of these machines available depending on your preferences – some will automatically select a certain number of sheets and staple them, while others require you to pull up a lever to manually stimulate the stapling process. Then there are those ‘in-between’ models which will staple from one sheet upwards with the simple push of a button.

This machine can get clunky or jammed if any excess paper is included in the stack, so it’s best to use this on smaller jobs rather than filling up an entire box of documents beforehand. Also keep in mind that some models may not be compatible with certain types of staplers, so make sure your papers are thin enough to fit inside the opening without jamming.

A Shredder Machine

Shredder Machine

Shredders are used in all sorts of professional settings for different purposes, but mainly these machines are used to securely destroy documents that may contain sensitive information before sending them off to recycling or trash. If you think there might be anything private on your customer list, old bank statements, medical records, etc., then this is the machine that can safely take care of it for you. There are many types of shredders available – some only work with paper while others cut up CDs/DVDs along with other media devices too. There are even different length options so you can quickly get rid of one page at a time or if you have more than one item to take care of simultaneously, then you can shred more sheets at once.

These machines are pretty pricey, often costing several hundred dollars before configuration costs, so it’s important to make sure your business really needs one of these before purchasing one. Also, keep in mind that some objects might not come out completely shredded which means additional time will have to be set aside for thoroughly checking over the item after processing has been completed.

A Fax Machine

This device is most commonly used in the business world by companies that require certain legal documentation, like contracts or other forms of agreements, to be sent over swiftly and with extreme care – mainly because anything that has your company’s information written on them can be a risk if they end up in the wrong hands. If your small business doesn’t have a fax machine yet, then this should definitely be at the top of your list before moving forward with other investments. It might seem obsolete now since email is usually faster and easier for sending files over without any possibility of having them intercepted by another party, but there is still some demand for this machine as it can provide a layer of security and convenience that email just cannot deliver.

There are many other machines out there that can be useful in the right setting. The ones mentioned above are six of the most commonly used by businesses when they’re looking for professional solutions to everyday problems – not only do these items save time but they also keep your employees happy, which is something all business owners are ultimately looking forward to achieving.


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