Best Golf Bags For 2023: 8 Bags For Every Type Of Golfer

Best Golf Bags

Not all golf bags are the same. They’re designed to be used by different types of golfers and your goal is to find the perfect bag for how you enjoy playing the game.

We think we can help you make the right decision.

Ask yourself some questions: Do you enjoy walking the course or riding in a golf cart? Do you play golf for fun or are you a competitive/tournament player?

Once you know these answers, picking the correct bag is easy. If you enjoy walking, you need one of the best golf stand bags. If you prefer a golf cart, go with the extra storage of a cart bag.

Now that you know your type, take a look at our favorite bags for 2023!

8 Best Golf Bags for Golfers

1. El Camino By Sunday Golf

The El Camino by Sunday Golf is built for the golfer that enjoys walking the course and having a good time with their buddies. This versatile product is extremely lightweight (less than 4 pounds) and has all of the features to ensure you enjoy your time strolling down the fairways.

The El Camino is available in 8 different colors (check out the Ron Burgundy).

El Camino By Sunday Golf


  • The combination of weight and double-shoulder strap make this bag easy to carry
  • We love the “frosty pocket” and you will too if you enjoy a cold beverage when you play
  • Velour-lined valuables pocket for your keys, wallet, phone, and jewelry


  • This bag is designed for the casual golfer – it holds 10 clubs, so if you plan to play in the US Open you might need a larger bag

The El Camino will cost you $189.99.

2. Callaway 2023 Fairway Stand Bag

Callaway has been making high-quality golf products for decades and their 2023 Fairway Stand Bag is no exception. This bag was designed for the serious golfer that enjoys walking and can handle a little extra weight. You can choose from 5 different colors.


  • Plenty of room in this full-size golf bag with 14 club dividers to keep your clubs organized.
  • Built to be carried, this stand bag has a comfortable double-shoulder strap and a hip pad.
  • Nine pockets mean you don’t have to leave any of your gear at home.


  • You’ll need a strong back — this golf bag is a bit heavier than other options on our list (5.5+ pounds).
  • You’re getting a great product, but the price is a bit high.

The Callaway 2023 Fairway Stand Bag costs $279.99.

3. Titleist Players 5 Stand Bag

If a professional golfer was going to use a golf stand bag, we think they’d use the Titleist Players 5. It has been designed to help serious golfers play their best in golf tournaments. Key features include abundant storage, a premium double strap, and a 5-way top cuff. You have your choice of 10 different color combinations.

Titleist Players 5 Stand Bag


  • A simple and elegant design — this bag isn’t flashy, but it has a professional look.
  • A nice combination of storage and weight — 4.3 pounds and plenty of pockets.
  • Titleist is a well-known golf brand.


  • The casual golfer doesn’t need all of the bells & whistles, so why pay for them? This bag is for the low handicappers.

The Players 5 Stand Bag by Titleist will cost you $265.

4. PING Hoofer Lite Golf Bag

The PING Hoofer Lite has consistently been the most popular golf bag for high school and college golf teams. Teenagers and college kids don’t always take great care of their “stuff” so this tells you this golf bag is functional and durable.

It’s also important to remember that you don’t get a cart when you play team golf, so it must be easy to carry! The Hoofer Lite is available in 17+ colors.


  • It’s a great-looking bag and PING gives you options if you want to make a fashion statement – checkout the “watermelon” or the “duck camo” bags.
  • An innovative design that’ll help keep your clubs organized and separated while you walk.
  • Do you ever feel tired and decide to ride the back? This bag also has features that help it work great on a cart.


  • This is another bag designed for the competitive golfer — might be more than you need if you simply enjoy smacking the ball around with buddies.

The PING Hoofer Lite golf bag costs $245.

5. Inesis Waterproof Stand Bag

If you play golf, you’ve heard of Callaway, Titleist, and PING, but you might not be familiar with Decathalon, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make high-quality bags. The Inesis Waterproof Stand Bag is a simple product that’ll get the job done. The color is black with red & white highlights.

Inesis Waterproof Stand Bag


  • The 14-way divider makes it easy to keep your golf clubs organized.
  • “Waterproof” is in the name for a reason — Decathlon has done everything they can to protect your clubs from the elements.


  • This golf stand bag looks compact, but the weight is higher than expected (5+ pounds).
  • Decathlon isn’t a golf brand — instead, they make a broad range of products for all sports — we prefer a brand (see the 4 above) that focus on golf.

6. Vessel Player IV Pro

The Vessel Player IV Pro is a premium golf stand bag made from synthetic leather with a pebble-textured finish. This great-looking golf bag is available in 4 different colors.


  • It has a large top and you can choose from a 6-way or a 14-way divider for your clubs.
  • We love the self-adjusting, double-shoulder strap system.
  • It’s loaded with storage options and attachment mechanisms.


  • It’s really heavy for a stand bag that you’re supposed to carry – 7+ pounds.
  • It’s a premium product, but the price is a bit high for us for this type of bag.

The Vessel Player IV Pro will cost you $435.

7. Big Max Dri Lite Sport Cart Bag

This is the first cart bag to make our list and that should be a clue — this product has been designed to use when you’re riding in a cart (unless you have a caddy). It features a 14-way organizer top, a dedicated putter well, and 9 waterproof pockets. It’s available in 4 different color combinations.

Big Max Dri Lite Sport Cart Bag


  • Let’s be clear: you won’t run out of storage. You’ll have room for all of your golf gear.
  • For a large cart bag, it’s surprisingly lightweight (less than 5 pounds) — still a bit bulky to carry on the course, but easy to transport to your car.
  • The price is reasonable for a cart golf bag.


  • Not a well-known golf brand — this may or may not be a problem for you.

The Big Max Dri Lite Sport Cart Bag will cost you $229.

8. Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag

Sun Mountain makes a few different products, but their golf bags are their “bread & butter.” The C-130 Cart Bag was engineered with one goal: to create the perfect golf bag for players that enjoy riding when they play.


  • We love the “reverse orientation” top that makes it easy to access all of your clubs and gear when the bag is strapped onto a cart.
  • Fourteen individual club dividers, including a dedicated putter compartment, run the full length of the bag to protect clubs and prevent the migration of club shafts.
  • Thirteen pockets for storage — yes, you read that correctly: 13!


  • Lack of flexibility. This is a cart bag and nothing else — it is only for you if you’re a full-time rider.

The C-130 by Sun Mountain will cost you $289.99.

Find The Perfect Golf Bag For You Today

What are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present. The right golf bag will improve your experience on the course and help you shoot lower scores.

Select the best bag for you and enjoy your afternoon in the fairway!


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