Top Benefits Of Using GPS Truck Tracking Devices

Top Benefits Of Using GPS Truck Tracking Devices

When you are involved in the transportation business, you should contemplate what your business needs to succeed. Tracking devices can provide footage of actionable data, and the latest technology offers a lot of advantages. Read on to learn some of the top benefits of using GPS truck tracking devices.

Improve Safety

GPS tracking devices can significantly improve driver safety since fleet managers can monitor all vehicles in real-time. A dash camera helps you see the activity of each driver and you can also use it to enforce seat belt rules. In the event of an unexpected incident, you can use a GPS fleet management system to provide support to the drivers. It provides a two-way communication system between the drivers and managers.

The safety of drivers should be one of your top priorities. A GPS tracking system helps you monitor driver behavior and ensures that all rules are followed. It also plays a crucial role in reducing distracted driving behaviors like texting, eating, smoking, or drinking. You can address these issues in real-time by communicating directly with each driver. You can also get alerts when one of your drivers is engaging in poor driving behaviors that can cause accidents. You can use the data provided to implement recognition programs to reward the best drivers and encourage others to do better with these incentives.

Lower Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are involved in business, and they may contest certain claims not backed by evidence. However, this is precisely why transportation companies vouch for vehicle tracking with camera surveillance systems; they collect data that can be used in an insurance claim. Most insurance claims are disputed, and insurance claims may cite poor driving habits. A dashcam will help reduce these types of issues that can impact your business. With video evidence to expedite the claims, you will increase your chances of getting the ideal compensation in case of an accident.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Fuel costs are one of the biggest expenses in transportation companies. With GPS technology, fleet managers can monitor the drivers, ensuring they’re on their routes and not doing side jobs. If a driver diverts from their route, you can communicate with them and keep track of any changes. Poor driving behaviors like speeding and harsh acceleration can impact fuel efficiency which will increase costs. Fuel costs can also be reduced if the drivers take direct routes.

Lower Operational Costs

GPS provides critical data about your business in real-time, and this will help you make informed decisions and reduce operational costs. You can identify problems and find quick resolutions to mitigate costs. This system also simplifies the process of collecting data and storing it. You can perform pre-trip inspections and other administrative processes. Efficiency is improved in different aspects of your trucking business if you use appropriate technology.

Increase Productivity

A GPS tracking system will help increase productivity, as it helps you monitor the time spent in different places. Businesses can eliminate waste if the managers can communicate with the drivers in real-time. An effective system also helps ensure service level remains up to par and all delivery times are met. Digitizing crucial workflow is another way of increasing productivity. You can achieve this by streamlining payroll, inventory, billing, and other office tasks.

While productivity is good for your trucking business, you must ascertain that your drivers get sufficient breaks to prevent fatigue. Most truck accidents are caused by driver burnout, therefore, you should use your tracking devices to monitor drivers’ working hours. Additionally, you can also use the technology to check that the drivers are not taking extended breaks, or cutting their work short, which can lead to delays in deliveries of cargo.

Reduce Detention Time

Detention time costs fleets a lot of money every year, and this is the reason why installing geofencing technology is a must. Fleet managers can easily check the entry and exit times of each truck from a specific facility. With this information, you can identify the shippers that detain drivers for a long time and address the problem. GPS tracking technology also helps fleet managers design schedules that should be maintained to help a business achieve its goals. This can be possible when you have real-time data regarding the operations of each truck.

Theft Prevention

With a GPS fleet management system, you can locate stolen vehicles easily. Theft of cargo can also be prevented if you install cameras in strategic positions. When observing something suspicious on any of your trucks, you can inform the driver. Your company can also set calendar templates for the expected use of trucks. You will get instant alerts if something happens to your vehicles so that you can take appropriate action.

Improve Customer Service

A happy and loyal customer base is critical to running a successful business. Your fleet can respond to customers on time which helps improve the quality of service. GPS tracking systems help eliminate issues like delays that can impact your customers. You can use these to communicate with all the employees as well to ensure optimum service for the clients.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

GPS tracking systems come with advanced telematics like fuel level indicators, vehicle diagnostics, and engine temperature. You can monitor the average condition of each vehicle and this eliminates the need for a routine inspection. You can also use the system to identify potential problems that can lead to downtime. If you identify a problem on time, you can take appropriate steps to rectify it before it gets out of hand.

Prevent Unauthorized Vehicle Use

With GPS tracking, fleet managers can monitor the location of each truck in real-time to prevent misuse by drivers. Some errant drivers can perform side jobs which will lead to losses. A GPS tracking system allows you to view the activity of each driver and also enhances communication between managers and drivers.

There’s no doubt that installing GPS tracking devices will improve your trucking business’ performance. You’ll be able to monitor your vehicles in real-time, and this will help enforce safety rules and lower operational costs. More importantly, GPS will also help improve customer service which is essential to keep your clients.


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