Top Floor Apartment Disadvantages- What You Should Know Before Buying

Top Floor Apartment Disadvantages

If you are planning to buy an apartment but are still determining if it is any good, one thing you should consider is the type of floor that matches your purpose.

Whether for residential, commercial, or investment purposes, each floor has its pros and cons. That’s why buyers are usually faced with the question of whether the ground floor or the top floor is better.

As society progresses, more and more people are purchasing properties in high-rise buildings since they have better access to the city and famous locations. There are plenty of advantages that are already apparent.

Besides easy access to city life, apartments usually have pools or tennis courts that you can freely use. So, what difference does it make which floor you choose? Well, there is more to it than the numbers. You need to know which floor will accommodate your needs before coming to a conclusion.

If you are eyeing the top floor since it has a better view, consider more factors before deciding. This article will specifically tell you the disadvantages of top floor apartments.

1. Temperature Inconsistency

The top floor has temperature issues. Especially in tropical countries, the apartment might get too exposed to sunlight.

As a result, the place will be steamy and dusty. What more if there are no levels above it? Depending on the quality of the insulation, your apartment will be much hotter.

If this is fine for you, just ensure that there is quality insulation, and your windows should have dark-coloured curtains to keep the place cool.

2. Higher Bills

Due to the high temperature, you will most likely use the air-conditioner and water. It means that your monthly utility bills will increase.

Add this to your monthly dues, and you will surely pay a lot.

3. Expensive Selling Price

Probably the biggest disadvantage of top floor apartments is the price. They brag so much about the lovely view that you have to pay a lot to see it.

The sunsets, the beach, the moon, the cityscape, and anything else you can see from the window are seen differently from the perspective of those on the top floor. It is also said that residents on the top floor have solid reputations and great wealth. These are the reasons why it costs more than other floors.

4. Higher Renovation Costs

It will be more difficult to access your apartment, so contractors will demand that you pay more. The duration will also be longer due to accessibility from the ground to the highest floor.

Plus, given the stereotype that residents on the top floor are wealthier, they will take this opportunity to get more from you.

5. Leaky Roofs

Leaky Roofs

While this only happens occasionally, there are tendencies that you cannot avoid. Unless your apartment is a reputable one, there is a possibility of water dripping from your ceiling.

It will cost you a lot to repair this. That’s an additional cost you have to face.

Make sure that the apartment is a trusted one to avoid this dilemma.

6. Not Pet-friendly

Having pets in an apartment is already challenging. It could be worse if your place is on the very top floor.

For example, you have a dog. Of course, you need to let them out every day. You will have to use the elevator to walk your pet. With this, you have to spend more time in the elevator, hoping they will not do something unlikely. Overall, it is time-consuming.

If you are on the ground floor, your dog can walk around on the terrace. This is not possible on the top floor.

7. Longer Waiting Time to Access the Elevators

Since you are on the top floor, the line is longer. No kidding, but you have to wait longer than those on the ground floor. There are even instances where it immediately goes down without reaching for you.

Additionally, there will be more people inside the elevator since you have to go through all the floors, whether you are going up or down. Lastly, it is difficult to go back to your place in case you forget something.

It is really a hassle to wait, especially if you are in a hurry.

8. Less Access to Outdoor Space

Ground and basement floors have access to outdoor space, while middle floors have easier access to it. How about the top floor? Well, they have to watch them from above as they enjoy the open air and vast outdoor space.

Living on the top floor would mean less access to outdoor space.

9. Difficult Access to Exist In Case of Emergency

Imagine this. You are on the top floor when an earthquake or a fire happens. How will you get out of the building? You cannot access the elevator, so you have no choice but to use the stairs. It is stressful and traumatic to go down many floors to get outside of it.

More so, the intensity of earthquakes is worse on the top floor. You can really feel the building moving when you are on a higher floor.

10. Difficult Access in General

It is so much more stressful to live on the top floor. You’ll have to transport groceries from the ground floor to the third floor. You will have to wait longer for elevators to do what you want or need.

You have limited access to everything because you are farther away from it.

Our Takeaway

Sure, the top floor has a more beautiful view, but is it friendly in general? Ask these questions before you purchase the top floor apartment. If it works for you, buy the property.

Living on the top floor is difficult if your purpose is not an investment. It may be advisable for tourists and renters, but for residential purposes? We would not recommend it.

These disadvantages are provided to widen your knowledge of apartments and give you more options before jumping to conclusions.

Remember that it is not cheap to buy one, so it is imperative to discern. Always weigh the pros and cons of each floor before finally making a decision. Whatever fits your purpose, go with it. We hope that this article helped you decide!


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