Essential Questions to Ask Your Realtor When Selling Your Home: Expert Advice

Questions to Ask Your Realtor

Selling your home can feel like learning a new language overnight. But don’t worry. You’ve got a seasoned translator on your side.

Yegrealestate, also known as Edmonton’s Favourite REALTOR®, is ready to help you decode the process and ensure you speak the language of real estate fluently.

How? By starting with the right questions.

Asking your realtor these essential queries can help you navigate the selling process with confidence and ease.

Questions about the Realtor’s Experience and Track Record

  • How long have you been in this industry?
  • What is your sales record in my neighborhood?
  • Can you provide the number of homes you have sold in the past year?

The value of experience cannot be overstated in real estate transactions. It’s essential to know how long your real estate agent has been in the business and their track record.

This information will give you an idea of their understanding of the market, especially in your neighborhood, and their ability to negotiate the best sale price.

Knowing the number of homes they’ve sold in the past year can give you a clearer picture of their recent success and their network’s breadth, which could potentially lead to more potential buyers for your property.

Questions about the Home Selling Process

Home Selling

  • What is your sales strategy for my home?
  • Could you please give me the pricing details for my home?
  • How will you market my property?
  • What is the average time it takes you to sell a home like mine?

Your realtor’s sales strategy can significantly impact how quickly and profitably you can sell your home.

An effective strategy should include setting the right list price, marketing your home to attract potential buyers, and managing negotiations and closing.

It’s also worth asking how long it typically takes your realtor to sell a home similar to yours. This information can help you manage your expectations and make plans for your next steps after selling.

Questions about Communication and Availability

  • What will be our mode of communication
  • How often will we talk?
  • Who will be my main point of contact?
  • Are you available outside of regular business hours?

Communication is crucial when selling your home.

Clear and regular communication with your realtor can help you stay updated on the selling process, manage any issues that arise, and make informed decisions.

It’s also helpful to know who your main point of contact will be and whether they’re available outside of regular business hours, just in case you need to discuss or resolve any urgent matters.

Questions about Home Preparation and Staging

  • What improvements should I make to increase my home’s appeal?
  • Do you provide staging services?
  • How do you handle photographing the home?

Preparing and staging your home effectively can make it more appealing to potential buyers, potentially increasing its sale price.

Your realtor should be able to provide advice on improvements you can make, such as repairs, painting, and decluttering.

If they offer staging services and professional photography, they can help present your home in the best light possible, highlighting its best features and increasing its appeal.

Questions about Negotiating and Closing


  • How do you handle offers and negotiations?
  • What are the potential costs I should prepare for at closing?
  • What happens if my home doesn’t sell in the anticipated timeframe?

Offers and negotiations can be some of the most challenging parts of selling a home.

Your realtor should be able to guide you through this process, helping you understand any offers you receive, negotiate effectively, and make decisions that are in your best interest.

It’s also crucial to understand the potential costs involved at closing, including any commissions or fees, so there are no unexpected surprises.

If your home doesn’t sell within the expected timeframe, it’s important to have a plan. Ask your realtor about their strategy in this scenario.

Questions about Real Estate Commission

  • How much do you charge in terms of commission?
  • Is your commission negotiable?
  • What services does your commission cover?

Commission rates can vary, and it’s important to understand how your realtor’s commission is structured.

Asking about what services the commission covers will give you an idea of what you’re paying for.

This could include professional photography, staging services, marketing efforts, and more.

Questions about Market Conditions

  • What’s the current real estate market like?
  • How would you leverage these conditions to sell my home?

The real estate market can shift frequently, and understanding current conditions can be crucial in setting expectations and strategies for selling your home.

Your realtor should be able to explain the current market trends and how they plan to leverage these conditions to sell your home effectively.

Questions about Open Houses and Showings

  • Do you recommend open houses?
  • How do you manage showings?
  • What’s your strategy for handling negative feedback from showings?

Open houses and showings are common methods of showcasing your home to potential buyers. However, their effectiveness can vary depending on various factors.

Asking about your realtor’s strategies regarding open houses and showings can provide insight into how they plan to attract potential buyers.

It’s also important to discuss how they plan to handle any negative feedback received during showings.

Questions about Real Estate Network and Resources

  • What resources or network do you have to help sell my home?
  • How can these resources benefit me?

A realtor with a vast network and multiple resources can be an invaluable asset when selling your home.

This network could include other real estate agents, potential buyers, or professionals like stagers and photographers.

Understanding these resources can help you see the bigger picture of how your realtor plans to reach potential buyers.

Questions about Potential Challenges

  • What are some potential challenges we might face in selling my home?
  • How have you successfully handled these in the past?

Every home sale comes with its unique set of challenges, whether it’s market conditions, home conditions, or finding the right buyers.

Your realtor’s ability to foresee these challenges and their strategies to overcome them is vital for a successful home sale.

Asking about their experience in handling similar challenges in the past can give you confidence in their problem-solving abilities and their commitment to securing a successful sale.

Setting the Stage for a Successful Home Sale

By asking these comprehensive questions, you’re setting the stage for a successful and stress-free home-selling process.

You’ll gain insights into your realtor’s strategies, market knowledge, communication style, and the resources they bring to the table.

Navigating the path to selling your home can be smoother and less stressful with the right realtor by your side.

Remember, the right realtor makes all the difference, so remember to choose wisely.


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