How To Be Money-Savvy While Applying For Italian Investor Visa

Money-Savvy While Applying For Italian Investor Visa

Italy is among the most popular immigration destinations because it offers more than an excellent lifestyle for immigrants. Retirees acclaim the country for quality healthcare on a budget, while young families appreciate it for affordable education from top-rated institutions.

Entrepreneurs and professionals commend the destination for lucrative business and career opportunities. The incredible culture, delicious cuisine, splendid weather, and beautiful locales are some other reasons to consider it as a part of your immigration plans.

Easy immigration is another reason that makes it a good choice for aspiring immigrants. You can get in through citizenship routes such as descent, marriage, or naturalization. Experts at Bersani Law Firm recommend the investor visa alternative if you do not qualify for the traditional citizenship routes.

But obtaining an investor visa entails significant investment, making it a concern for thrifty people. Thankfully, there are ways to be money-savvy while applying for it. Let us explain how you can limit money concerns during the process.

Dig Deep Into The Investment Alternatives

A hefty investment is perhaps the first thing to come to your mind when thinking about an investor visa. After all, you cannot expect to buy residency for a small amount. The good thing is that the Italian investor visa is within reach, although you will need to bring a significant sum into the country.

But you have different investment alternatives, some running in thousands rather than millions. You can dig deep into the pros and cons of each alternative to pick the one that fits into your budget and matches your preferences. The investment options include-

  • An innovative startup in Italy- €250,000
  • An established Italian company- €500,000
  • A philanthropic donation to support public interest in the areas of education, scientific research, natural heritage, culture, or immigration management- €1 million
  • Purchase of bond issues by the Italian government- €2 million

Being money-savvy with the Italian investor visa is about checking these alternatives inside out before sealing the deal.

Get Proof Of Funds With Bank Statements

The advantages of the Italian investor visa extend beyond its flexibility with the investment. You can actually obtain it without spending anything because the process does not require you to deposit the funds. Just decide the option that works for you, and deposit an equivalent amount in your bank account.

You will require valid proof of funds in the form of bank statements for the nulla osta (certificate of no impediment) application. Ensure having the funds in place and documents ready before getting started with the process to make your journey smooth and easy.

Bring The Money Only After Obtaining A Residence Permit

If you are a money-savvy immigrant, you will prefer the Italian investor visa because it ensures the security of your funds. The money comes into the picture only after completing the investor visa process, landing in Italy, and getting your residence permit. You can obtain the residence permit right away, and get a three-month deadline to bring in the committed investment.

It means you can be stress-free during the immigration formalities, even if there is a delay or rejection. But remember to have the funds at hand before landing, as missing the deadline could lead to the revocation of your investor visa and residence permit.

No Additional Investment For Your Loved Ones

An Italian investor visa is an excellent option for family immigration. You may find it daunting as you consider the individual investment amounts for your loved ones. But the truth is that you need not bring in more funds to accommodate them as you apply for the visa as a primary applicant.

The only requirement is to show that you have enough income and funds to support your dependents during their stay in Italy. The best part is that your loved ones qualify for residence status and get all the benefits without paying anything in the name of investment. Whether it is access to healthcare and education or visa-free travel across the EU, your loved ones get the same set of benefits as you.

Be Ready To Invest For The Long Haul

Another piece of advice for thrifty immigrants is to leverage the investor visa as an instrument for obtaining Italian citizenship. But you must be ready to invest for the long haul to get a second passport down the line.

The investor visa gets you a two-year residence permit, to begin with, and you can get an extension of another three years for subsequent renewal. After completing five years in Italy, you can convert to permanent residence status.

Consider staying in the country until you qualify for citizenship by naturalization after completing a decade. The only condition to obtain one of the best passports in the world is to hold your investment over these years. It is a small price you should pay without second thoughts.

Spend On Expertise Without Second Thoughts

The final piece of money advice is to spend on expertise without second thoughts. You must look for an investor visa expert to guide you throughout the process, right from deciding the investment option to completing the paperwork and closing the steps of the process.

Although the journey is short and easy, you cannot take things for granted because an insignificant error or omission can slow things down. You will require immigration expertise even more down the line because obtaining citizenship requires an in-depth understanding of the immigration law. Only an expert can help you with the paperwork as you transition from a temporary residence permit to permanent residence and citizenship.

The Italian investor visa is the easiest way to fulfil your immigration goals if you do not qualify for the conventional citizenship routes. But funding is the mainstay of the process, so you must be financially prepared before going ahead.

It is also crucial to be money-savvy enough to make the right decision regarding your investment alternative. Most importantly, get expert assistance to close the process without hassles and help you obtain citizenship by investment in the long run.


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