Humans Are Visual Creatures: Here’s How Good Design Can Improve Your Revenue

How Good Design Can Improve Revenue

Any good business owner knows that design is a crucial part of their company’s journey to success. Design is quite important when it comes to different aspects of a business. Not only is it necessary when building an online presence, but it is also very important when creating new products or upgrading old products. If you are unsure how design can help your business develop and get more revenue, then the following factors are going to be quite helpful.

1- A Good First Impression

The design of your website, or online presence, in general, can really affect the impression your business makes on potential customers. Various studies have repeatedly shown that people can get a detailed impression that is either positive or negative in about fifty milliseconds depending on how a website is designed. Various businesses have risen and fallen because of the impressions that their designs give. You get only one chance to create a first impression, so you should make it worth your while. Designing an elaborate, and memorable logo is going to ensure that clients have a great impression from the get-go. When designing a product, the first question you need to ask yourself is how to grab potential customers’ attention at first glance. Presentation is extremely important as even if your product is amazing, potential customers may overlook the features it has because of bad design.

2- Increasing Efficiency

Design is not just meant to make your website or your product look good and function smoothly for users. It is meant to also increase the efficiency of your business.  The same thing could be said for product designs. If your business does not have a design team, then you may want to think about hiring a company that specializes in consultancy. Using a well known and reliable industrial design consultancy company is important because you want to ensure that the specialists you hire know exactly what your vision is. To create a website for your business; make sure that the design is fully functional. Having random design elements that do not add to your business is counterintuitive and will actually make your customers less likely to revisit your business in the future. If you do not take into account how the design you choose will affect customers’ usage of your product, then you are not fully developing your business. In today’s world, efficiency is a factor that cannot be ignored. People are always looking for new faster ways to reach the results they want. Designing a product for maximum efficiency is going to ensure that your business succeeds.

3- Easier Usage

If you think about any well-developed product, such as social networking websites, you will notice that there are constant updates to the design. The updates do not have to necessarily be geared towards a certain aesthetic, it can also be done to facilitate the user’s usage of the product at hand; fixing bugs and inconsistencies in the inner design of the product. Another example is cordless hair tools. They are designed to look great and, at the same time, they add a lot to the functionality of the product since a person can use them without having an outlet around. When thinking of new designs to implement, always ask yourself how this will affect the end-users. If it has no effect or is going to cause more issues, then you need to go back to the drawing board. This is not the only question you should ask when it comes to design; you should also get different opinions from testers to ensure that the vision you have is actually applicable and helpful. Constantly challenging yourself and stepping out of the box to figure out how a product’s design can help improve a user’s experience is a step towards developing your business.

4- Memorability

If you look at any big brand, such as Google, for example, you will notice that they have a unique design that leaves an impression, making their products distinctive and memorable to everyone. Google’s design scheme is so well known that just seeing the color scheme of the logo can actually remind you of the brand. Having an iconic and unique design that you consistently implement in your products ensures that you create a memorable image for your business. Even if there are some changes made to the design later on, as long as there are distinctive and consistent features, you will maintain an image that customers are not going to forget anytime soon. Depending on the market you are trying to reach, there is bound to be a lot of competition. Having a memorable business is going to help you rise above competitors in no time.

5- Innovation

As mentioned throughout the previous points, designs should always be tweaked and updated regularly to fit into your brand image and to facilitate user experience. What some business owners may not be aware of is the fact that design can directly affect innovation. If you think about it, constantly thinking of new design ideas and trying to implement them in a successful manner generates different ideas and concepts that you can later use to develop your business. This is the basis of innovation when it comes to owning a business. You should always seek growth and development. Being stagnant is never a positive attribute, and it is a surefire way to have your business fail drastically. It is crucial to always be on the lookout for new ways to be more innovative by researching design strategies.

Humans are very visual creatures, which is why the first impression a person gets is based on how something looks. For example, a person eats with their eyes first, so a good-looking dish will look more appetizing and is definitely going to be chosen over a messy dish, even if it ends up tasting worse.  A good business uses this to its advantage by attracting new customers through design. Now that you are aware of all the different ways design can affect your business, you can figure out for yourself whether you want to invest in quality designing to get more revenue, or you are satisfied with where your business is currently at.


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