How To Grab Your Investor’s Attention In Your Presentations

Grab Your Investor’s Attention In Your Presentations

Persuading potential investors to support your business venture is a difficult task to say the least. They will of course want to know that they are investing in a business that has a good chance of being successful and ultimately profitable as a result of that success.

The best way to get the attention of investors is to meet with them one-on-one and directly present your ideas to them.

To be successful, you must be able to give them an eye catching yet informative presentation that will ultimately persuade them to invest.

If you do not believe you have the necessary skills to create an authoritative and engaging presentation, you could consider hiring a PowerPoint design company to put one together on your behalf.

Using a presentation design agency can free up your time, allowing you to focus on persuading the investor you’ve been pursuing to invest in you. It is also advantageous because, once your design template has been created, you can reuse it repeatedly as it fits your brand and is simple to modify.

What Exactly Is An Investor Presentation?

An investor presentation can help you talk to potential investors about your business venture.

During the presentation, you will provide a clear and concise overview of your company. You will talk about the products and services you plan to offer, the market opportunity, a high-level financial overview, and the funding requirements.

How To Create A Presentation That Will Get You Investments

When you are face to face with potential investors you don’t have much time in which to persuade them to support your project.  With that in mind, your presentation design should be clear, concise, informative, compelling, and factually correct.

The following steps will enable you to create a presentation that will persuade investors to fund your business:

Take Control Of The Audience’s Attention Right Away.

Investors are inundated with presentations daily, so to prevent them from losing interest in your presentation within the first few minutes, you must quickly capture and hold their attention.

A good narrative is always key – words are powerful things and if you can tell a compelling story about your business model, and show how enthusiastic you are about your objectives, your potential investors will remain interested.

Some of the most effective investor presentations, for example, begin with an explanation of an industry problem; the remainder of the presentation details how the speaker’s business venture addresses the problem.

Always Introduce Yourself And Your Team Members

Potential investors will want to learn more about the people who will be running the company before deciding whether to invest their hard-earned money in your venture.

There is no such thing as a profitable investment if the team is weak.

If any members of your team are present at the presentation, they should introduce themselves briefly and discuss the skills and experiences that are relevant to their roles.

If they are not present, include a slide with an introduction to them, complete with a high-quality, professional photo and a brief description of their relevant experience and skills.

Always Have A Good Design

Have you ever attended a presentation only to discover that the slides you were looking at had a terrible design that distracted you?

People will quickly lose interest in a presentation if the images are blurry, the graphics are inappropriate, or there are large blocks of text.

If you or other members of your team lack the skills required to create a presentation design that will win an investment, you may want to consider hiring a PowerPoint agency that will have a team of presentation designers to help you craft a winning presentation.

Describe Your Company’s USP

One of the most important aspects of your presentation should be explaining your unique selling proposition to potential investors (USP).

Your company’s unique selling proposition is what distinguishes it from its competitors and allows it to stand out from the crowd. You must ensure that the investors understand your company’s unique selling proposition.

One of the most effective ways to communicate the value proposition of your product or service is to describe how your venture will affect consumers in terms that are relevant to their daily lives.

For Example:

Does it provide customers with the opportunity to save money?

If so, how much money is at stake?

Quantifiable value is something that investors are looking for in each and every venture that’s put before them, if you can show them realistic figures and potential profit margins, they are more likely to sit up and take notice.

Give A Brief Overview Of Your Marketing And Sales Strategy

Make sure one of your slides is devoted to your marketing and sales strategy.

Investors will want to know how you plan to get your product or service into the hands of those most likely to purchase it.

When investors have access to this information, they will be able to determine how your company differs from others in your industry.

Describe the marketing strategies you intend to use, as well as the financial targets you have set for yourself.

It may be tempting to go into detail on this slide; however, you should try to keep it simple and to the point.

Your slide should provide answers to the following questions:

  • Which marketing strategy do you intend to use?
  • Why would you use this strategy for the business model you’ve chosen?
  • How do you intend to draw your ideal customers’ attention to the product or service you provide?
  • How will your sales cycle be structured?

Give An Overview Of The Company’s Financial Situation

Prospective investors want to know your company’s current financial situation before making an investment.

Nonetheless, you will not have much time during the presentation to convey this information to the audience. It is advised that you include high-level financial data in your presentation.

The most efficient and understandable way to communicate financial information is to use pie charts or graphs to present the data.

If investors were impressed by the high-level financials presented to them during the presentation, they will request more detailed records to review.

How To Gain Investor Confidence

Obtaining investor support can be difficult. To increase your chances of success, however, you must prepare a presentation that is not only brief but also informative.

Before showing your presentation to investors, go over it at least a few times to iron out any kinks and prepare for any questions they may have.


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