Understanding the Advantages of a Gold IRA

Advantages of a Gold IRA

If you have an Individual Retirement Account, you can invest in gold through stocks or funds, but if you want to invest in physical assets, you need a gold IRA. A Gold IRA account diversifies your retirement funding by investing in an appealing asset i.e. gold. It has its own set of rules, but the benefits it brings to your retirement nest egg are amazing. Here’s why you should consider a gold IRA.

What is a Gold IRA?

Simply put, an individual retirement account (IRA) that is self-directed and allows you to own gold bullion is a Gold IRA. When you have a regular individual retirement account, you can’t own physical gold, however, you can invest in gold exchange-traded funds (ETF) or stocks of gold mining companies. The new options of IRAs allow investment in real estate and precious metal investments.


When you have a gold IRA, you can invest in the safest investment there is. Gold has withstood the test of time since the beginning. It usually moves opposite to all the paper assets like stocks, bonds, and dollars. For this reason, many people consider it to be their insurance policy during uncertain times and inflation. For retirement funds, these lessen the risk and balance your investment approach. Just like you have homeowner’s insurance, health insurance, or car insurance, protecting your financial future is just as important. Gold IRA is the safety net level of protection that will provide you insurance for your financial future and your retirement portfolio.

After the Great Recession of 2008, everyone became cautious as the stock market went down significantly. Many people began investing in gold and holding Gold IRAs as more and more companies began appearing to simplify the transactions, and this resulted in its robust growth.

As a gold IRA diversifies your investment portfolio, you get control over your future. Everyone strives to have control in their life. With a gold IRA, you get to control when you know that what you are investing in will not lose value over time. Throughout its historic record, gold has maintained its value. During inflation, gold has always either kept up or outperformed the rate of inflation. Say a piece of gold cost $20 in 1917. You could get a fine tailored suit in London with that amount during that time. The same piece would be worth $1,100 per ounce in 2017. You can still buy a suit in London! The stability of the worth of gold gives financial security that lets you have peace of mind.


Keeping precious metal at home is somehow unsafe. If you do think of keeping gold at home, you’d have to improve the security of the house significantly. This is why it is better to invest in a gold IRA instead. When you decide to open a gold IRA, the physical gold will be stored with an IRS-approved depository. You can choose a company to act as the custodian of your account. They will be responsible for keeping the gold secure for you until you retire.

When you decide to take a distribution from your account, you can request to receive the metal. This means you don’t have to liquidate them for cash.

High-Quality Retirement Portfolio

If you are considering keeping retirement assets in stocks and bonds, you would have two closely related asset classes. Gold always moves opposite to these paper assets and it also provides you with a powerful hedge because it has a beta that adequately differs from other assets. If you learn about gold investment companies from the Gold IRA Handbook, you’ll be able to assess the companies in a better way. Simply studying testimonials on company websites is not enough. With thorough research, you’ll be able to make an intelligent and strategic investment in gold through the gold IRA. So, your retirement portfolio significantly improves with an effective hedge against the primary assets.

Tax Benefits

Gold IRAs offer tax incentives similar to a conventional individual retirement account. It saves you from unnecessary tax on your investments. For traditional IRAs, the contributions made are tax-deductible. For a gold IRA, your contributions or gains will not be taxed. Any qualified withdrawals made from Roth accounts are completely tax-free. There are gold coins that have tax-code exceptions like the American Eagles.

Strategize Easily

There are many financial experts that advise keeping approximately 5% to 10% of the retirement portfolio in gold. If you have a gold IRA, you can strategize easily with this account. To leverage the market, you can buy low and sell high. If the gold prices dip, you can sell the gold to avoid any loss. You can hold the proceeds in the money market until you see an opportunity.

When you choose an IRA company, look into the deals and promotions. Every company has many different deals to offer to its investors. You may find one that will act as your gold custodian according to your specific preferences.

Long Term Hold

Physical gold, as well as IRA holdings, are not very liquid. However, an investment retirement account is usually for long-term holdings that you won’t touch for decades, mostly until you retire. For long-term holdings, gold IRA is ideal because it is a buy-and-hold kind of investment.


Gold IRA provides you stability as compared to other assets. If you keep gold as one of the components of your retirement investment, it provides a great feeling of stability. This is because many investors believe that its worth has permanence. Gold is listed as the most liquid asset on Exter’s Pyramid of Liquidity.

This doesn’t just provide you stability, it gives your retirement portfolio diversification and the ability to fully control your investments. If you strategize better and choose a good gold investment company, it will keep you safe from inflation and deletion and provide you with financial security. With the advantages given above, you can understand how it is better and more useful for your retirement profile.


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